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Washington D.C.

No description

Miguel Lopez

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Washington D.C.

Whashington D.C. The Capital The capital was a fun place
that we went to go visit The capital is an orgin
where around it is surrounded
by four quadrants. It is also one of
the most important buildings in the
world. It is valued at such a high price.
The capital is a place
where the government
can discuss what ever
they need with it being
confidentail. Pamplin Park This historical park is
also known as the "Breakthrough"
the battle that ended the pittsburgh campaign. It also has 422 acres
that have four award
winning musuems.
If you are looking for
something fun to do
you should go to this
park, because it has a
lot of fun stuff that
you can do. Holocaust Musuem The Holocaust was a place
where there was a murder
of around six million jews. The Holocaust Musuem is
a almost a sad place to go
becuase it has a lot of graphic
scenes but, at the same time it
is very interesting to find out all
that stuff that happened. There was also a lot of
babies that sadly died for
the cause of the nazis that
were cruel people. Arlington Cemetary This is a place where you
can come to honor your
loved ones. Also where you
can be cherished by family. You can also see the soldiers
showing you how to reload
the guns. But they also do a
fancy march that is pretty cool. There is also something
cool called " The Tomb of the
Unknowns" that is very cool to
go and see in person. Korean Memorial A long time ago the U.S.
had an allied force with
Korea so this statue is
something to memorize in
the time. If you are interested in seeing
one of the most unusual statues
then this is one to go and see. WWII The WWII Memorial honors those who died on that day to save their country. About 400 people died that day. I learned a lot from this
because I know that a lot
of people died for their rights
on that day, It is very sad. I think that some people
don't even honor their soldiers
like their suppose to. And it is sad
when they dont get there respect. FDR Memorial This is a very important
memorial because it not
good to FDR, but to the many
people who loved him. He also gave a very good
speech that today is very
important to his many people
who loved him and maybe is
that important. What I think about this
memorial is that we need
to give more appreciate to this
very good man. He was also a
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