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Hair dryer

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Hair dryer

Why was the Hair dryer needed?
A Hair dryer was needed because many people including many women had wet hair after bathing. This affected their bed sheets. A Hair dryer was needed to evaporate wet hair to dry quicker so ladies didn't have damp bed sheets.
Stages of Development?
Materials needed?
The materials needed for making a hair dryer are: electrical motor, fan -blade, copper wiring, switching mechanism and various other materials. This product could not possibly work without these materials.
What are the materials made of?
These materials are made of many items such as plastic heated to mold into a shell shape, A fan blade made of metal heated into shape, copper wiring made from copper in to wire like thin spaghetti, switching mechanisims and buttons made of plastic , The motor including wires and metal and various other materials.
Who invented the Hair dryer?
Alexander Godefroy invented the big salon hair dryer in 1890, he got this idea from the vacuum. Before the hair dryer was invented many ladies used vacuum's to suck up water from their hair.
Hair dryer. how have people shaped technology?
by charli & nicola

How does it work?
Electric hair dryers work by blowing air through the dryer vent's. The air then passes over the wire coils to heat the air making it able to blow and dry hair. Applying power to the hair dryer allows the motor to start spinning the fan blade inside
The first hair dryer on the market appeared in 1925, It produced 100 watts of heat, therefore it didn't have sufficient power to dry hair quickly. It firstly weighed 1kg made of heavy steel and zinc. 20 years on the hair dryers power was raised to 300 watts, In the 1960's the power level was at 500 watts. In the 1990's it was raised a whopping 1500 watts. Today's hair dryers are a increasing 2000 watts and over.
In 1980 all hair dryers had to have a permanent caution sticker to alert people about shock. In 1985
the plug had to be polarized to prevent accidental shock.
In 1991 the hair dryer was required to have a design to prevent short circuit. In 2000 people were killed by electric shocks GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) helped with the shock to prevent this.
All electrical appliances are dangerous if misused when near sinks, bathtubs and toilets. This can effect you by losing your house your loved ones or your life. Manufacturers are trying to prevent the damage of electric shock with plenty of warning and improving the make to be lighter, quicker and safer.
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