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Agility Methodology

No description

Gaby Soccer

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Agility Methodology

What a mess... The Team Daniel Freitag One year ago.... Agility Methodology Marketing
department Internet sales Communications Complete phases
Predictable Agile Project Management (APM) Approach Iterative planning and development cycles
Constant evaluation
Feedback from stakeholders What’s so special about it? Control
Quick response
Identification of problems or obstacles
Rapid evaluation Literature review Sources: -We were the sponsors
-No roles
-No deadlines
-We led and executed
-No activities' descriptions
-Other "priorities" Because... A. Ben-David et al., 2012. Supplier ranking by multi-alternative proposal analysis for agile projects. International Journal of Project Management 30, 723–730.

Beck, K., et al., 2001. Manifesto for agile software development. Retrieved 19 March 2013 from http://www.agilemanifesto.org/.

D. Howell et al., 2009. A project contingency framework based on uncertainty and its consequences. International Journal of Project Management 28, 256–264.

J. Sheffield, J. Lemétayer, 2013. Factors associated with the software development agility of successful projects. International Journal of Project Management 31, 459–472

Project Management Institute, 2008. A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). 4th edition. Newtown Square: PMI. (www.pmi.org).

VersionOne, 7th-Annual-State-of-Agile-Development-Survey, www.versionone.com.

Wysocki, R.K., 2011a. Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme. Wiley, Indianapolis, (IN).

Yusuf, Y., Sarhadi, M., Gunasekaran, A., 1999. Agile manufacturing: the drivers, concepts and attributes. International Journal of Production Economics 62 (1–2), 33–43. - Change approach
- Accept mistakes
- Put challenges on the table Be ready to Is used by Release product within 1 week Faster
Better quality
Client's needs
Motivation How did the agility approach added value to the company? 12 Principles of Agile ... Work daily together Deliver work frequently Welcome changing requirements Satisfy the customer Working product Customer collaboration Individuals &
Interactions Agile Manifesto Respond to changes Processes & tools Comprehensive documentation Contract negotiation Follow plan "While there is value in the items on the rights, we value the items on the left more" Development of Agile Approach Agility in IT 1990s 2010 Agility approach Trend Agility approach in non-IT business 2000 Source: http://www.agilemanifesto.org/ Source: http://www.agilemanifesto.org/ source:http://leadinganswers.typepad.com/leading_answers/2006/09/planning_is_too.html source:http://leadinganswers.typepad.com/leading_answers/2006/09/planning_is_too.html SCRUM Practical side Product owner Lessons learned STAND-UP MEETING YESTERDAY
Leverage capabilities of each team member
Stay focused (Goal) Daily Feedback Sprint
Meeting Project Objective: Inefficient... SCRUM BOARD Deadline Actual realization Agile Coach, Trainer & Agile Practice Manager Alexandre Cuva IT Statistics FREITAG AG. Scrum master Thank you!
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