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Into the Dark: The Art Of Caves

Art Education Curriculum on making a sacred space by Jessica Coulson for grades 1-6

Jessica Coulson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Into the Dark: The Art Of Caves

Into the Dark: The Art of Caves Into the darkness we descend... the bats fly in at sundown.. ...did the bat scare you? Don't worry
to many people, caves are a very scary
place indeed... ...to many others, including many of our ancestors,
a cave is a home... ...to many more, even still, a cave is a sacred place... does anyone know who this is a statue of? ...caves have also been a source of
wonder in the New World... that particular cave in the poster is the same one seen here... Does anyone know what it's called or
where it is? Carlsbad Caverns is in Carlsbad, New Mexico this is an example of another of New Mexico's
natural attractions... anyone seen these before? Petroglyph National Monument,
Albuquerque, New Mexico ...there are some interesting charachters
that have been imortalized on the rocks... who here has seen this guy? Kokopeli the hunchbacked piper ...There are many legends about his purpose, but most
people agree his piping would bring the rains... can you see him here at dusk? This is an example of some other cave art done deep inside a cave in France... ...it was painted thousands of years ago
in mineral pigments, by people that have been called "cave men"... there are many creatures that once lived in the dark... ...these pre-historic bulls are not one of them.... ...though this creature might have
eaten them... this is the cave bear, Ursus spelaeus
compared to an adult man... the bear is roughly the size of a horse...
(now that's a BIG bear...) this is the size of a cave
bear's skull compared to
a human hand... ...a bear that size would have to live inside a pretty
big cave... what would your cave look like? maybe like this? ...or this?... before we go into our cave...

let's learn a little something
about them ...or maybe you prefer it something like this... the parts that hang down are called.... the parts that point up are called... what do you see? behold...the cave bear... the cave bear, the biggest to walk planet Earth... ...what ever you prefer, dark, sacred, creepy or homey, you can make
your cave and it's art and the creatures that live inside it all your own...
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