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fifteen things about me

No description

katherine hall

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of fifteen things about me

15 things about me when i was a child
I used to live in Houston
yo solía vivir en Houston
I used to love running
Tengo un mal recuerdo
i used to play soccer
yo solía jugar al fútbol

yo amaba a correr
My best friends are Megan Myers, and Cameron Lopezs
diagnosticado con cáncer
i have a big personality and opinion
I used loved playing jokes on my sisters
I have a bad memory
I used to watch Nascar with my step Dad
And that 15 things about me
when i was 13 my mom was diagnosed with cancer
Yo utilicé encantaba jugar bromas a mis hermanas
yo solía ir a Passmore Primaria
I used to go to Passmore Elementary
I used go to to st Helen's catholic church in Pearland
Yo solía ir a la iglesia católica de St. Helen en Pearland
Yo solía ver Nascar con mi paso papá
Yo solía ir a la pista de patinaje
Solía ​​odiar tomates
i encantaba saltar la cuerda
Mis mejores amigos son Megan Myers y Cameron Lopezs
yo solía ir a Dakota del Sur todos los veranos
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