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Image Nation

No description

David Antal

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Image Nation

Presentation to Welcome to MISTdigital is a creative technology agency providing customer focused digital marketing solutions across mobile, web and social media platforms, with technical innovation at the core of all that we do. Based at TwoFour54 in Abu Dhabi since 2011 & London since 1998

Team offers local, regional & international expertise

Mix of backgrounds covering creative; web design; mobile; technology; social media; & back-end systems gives us a well rounded perspective on any project requirement

Ability to deliver across all platforms and technologies even through we are only a small team

Flexible engagement models Websites & portals

Social media apps

Mobile apps & sites Design &
across: Web applications

HTML newsletters

Online advertising Consultancy & implementation
across: Social media

Digital strategy

SEO/SEM Loyalty programs

Software solutions

New technologies Services Healthcare
Entertainment INDUSTRY OUR APPROACH design & development OUR APPROACH OUR agile Task
Complete Testing &
(internal) Testing &
(client) MIST works with an agile approach to design and development, whereby tasks take place in small iterations each with its own testing and verification processes. This agile approach is suited to web development as it encourages a constant feedback loop between the developers (MIST) and the client (Image Nation). APPROACH experience OUR APPROACH project management
MIST ensures the execution of the project is as per the agreed scope of work and the status of the project is being communicated to the client on a regular basis.

As a minimum we would recommend the following communication structure during a project:

Weekly status sheet sent through by MIST with update and actions against deliverables
Weekly face-to-face catch-ups between Image Nation and MIST
Daily calls during peak periods
Issues or risks escalated immediately Clients and work Telecoms
Retail Investment
Food & drink Clients Mubadala Digital roster agency (1 of 3) MCFC (Abu Dhabi) Monthly newsletter
& microsite
All digital assets Dealaba / Etisalat Deals website Qeema Corporate website
Partner websites Jahaanara Website Love Doughnuts Website
Mobile app HSBC Rugby 7s iPad app Oman FA Facebook app
Website assets Projects Kate Faber associate director Matt Birch creative
technologist NEW account manager Haseebah
Kaddourah art director &
creative lead Ryan Peter front-end
developer Bryan
Houghton back-end
developer David Antal web designer Salman
Khan web designer Team ENTERTAINMENT experience Through our team’s heritage in the entertainment industry, we understand the importance of placing engagement, entertainment and storytelling at the heart of every campaign and piece of work. Kate Faber key highlights case Mansour Cartoon The challenge in developing a site that must appeal to children as well as provide key information to the wider population and media outlets is ensuring that the content is fully mapped out and categorised. We undertook a full IA review based upon the availability of content and used this to develop a full sitemap and set of wireframes prior to commencing the design and development stages. Phase 2 of the website is due for launch in October 2012, with Phase 1 currently live at http://mansourcartoon.ae Mansour is an Emirati cartoon currently in production that has been developed to communicate with Emirati children aged between 5 and 12 years old with the following aims: Shape the youth’s thinking by nurturing an interest in art, science and culture
Encouraging active participation by focusing on sports, health and hobbies
Creating an ideal role model for Emirati youth Working with Mubadala and the show’s creator, we were contracted to develop the website over 2 phases, with phase 1 acting as a vehicle to generate interest in the cartoon amongst the media and general population and phase 2 (currently under production) acting as a supplement to the cartoon by appealing to the primary target audience of children. How to Train your Dragon We created an international digital campaign for the 3D theatrical release from Paramount Pictures International & Dreamworks that invited budding dragon trainers to hatch and train their own dragon. Participants were rewarded with ‘dragon training points’ each time they shared content across social media or engaged with one of the online training activities – including a microsite, games, downloads, desktop app and widget. The trained dragons were then released into a 3D augmented reality ‘Dragon Fire Race’. The campaign was localized for 10 markets – UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Korea, with one race winner for each market. Daybreakers Lionsgate wanted a low-budget conversation-based campaign around the release of their vampire movie, Daybreakers. We created a storyline, which existed as an offshoot of the movie’s script, and played out on Twitter. The story included photos and videos as well as regular posts. We also created the movie website and all other digital assets for the release The filmmakers used the Tweets as potential inserts for the DVD release and throughout the campaign’s other marketing assets. STRATEGIC CHALLENGE YOUR BRIEF APPROACH study 1 case study 2 case study 3 LOCAL UAE GENERAL PUBLIC AND REGIONAL TALENT LOCAL AND REGIONAL MEDIA COMMUNITY ASPIRING LOCAL/ REGIONAL FILMMAKERS & FILM STUDENTS GET INVOLVED HOW TO ARAB STUDIO FILM CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES EXCITE FACILITATE INTERVIEWS DOWNLOADABLE ASSETS NEWS PRESS RELEASES IMPRESS INFORM COMPETITIONS ABOUT IMAGE NATION FILM CONTENT EVENTS EDUCATE ENTERTAIN IMAGERY & VIDEO TRAINING/ INTERNSHIPS ARAB STUDIO FILM CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES SUCCESS STORIES INSPIRE ENCOURAGE EVENTS FILM COMPANIES WISHING TO PITCH INTERNATIONAL FILM MEDIA (trade) POTENTIAL INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS By MISTdigital September 19th 2012 Image Nation SEPTEMBER 2012 ARAB facebook website twitter STUDIO FILM ARAB STUDIO FILM IMAGE NATION IMAGE NATION IMAGE NATION microsite twitter Create a tailored experience for our different target audiences Access most relevant content to you in simple way Provide dynamic, interactive content Clear links to social channels & subsidiary sites Make sure that film stands out as central theme Inspire action Tell the Image Nation story Integrate social media Build community Target local, regional
and International
audiences Share content Spark conversation Provide information
and content REAL TIME UPDATES target local and regional
filmmakers and students News and updates on
all activity

Share industry

Connect with relevant
companies and individuals FILM FILM FILM FILM BUDGET We estimate the cost of delivery of the project to be between AED 120K and AED 140K with an approximate breakdown given in the table below: The exact budget will be determined once the scope of the project is fully defined Delivery within 10-12 weeks from commencement of project PROJECT TASKS APPROXIMATE COST (AED) CMS & IA Review/ Sitemap/ Wireframes
Build (Front-End)
Build (Back-End)
QA / Testing
Project Management Total Approximate Cost (AED) 27,000
21,000 130,000 THANK YOU Q & A
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