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Malcolm x and the Black Pathers

No description

Dilan Bamarni

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Malcolm x and the Black Pathers

Malcolm x and the Black Pathers
Malcolm X
The man who has been called one of the most influential African Americans in history, wanted social separation. That is why he focuses on the complete separation of black and white people, rather than trying to integrate their communities.

He believed that the civil rights movement was not progressing quickly enough. He also felt like they had relied too much on the ''permission'' of the white. And unlike many other influential people in his time,
believed that actions spoke louder than words and that was what he supported.

The Black Panther Party
This party was founded by
Huey Newton
Bobby Seale
. It was originally created as an armed force protecting the black community from the notoriously racist
police. Though it eventually became a new voice in the Civil Rights Movement. The group carried around guns, even though the rules of the Party clearly stated not to use guns unless it was of vital importance. The Black Panther Party believed that black people should secluded themselves from the white. They saw this as the only way in which they could live in peace. This idea progressed into the “
back to Africa
” ideal. In which they wanted Blacks to unite and to overcome the white man and too no longer rely on the white society. This party was inspired by Malcolm who believed that actions spoke louder than words.
Fred Hampton
Fred Hapton was also a member of the Black Panther Party. He led the
breakfast programs
on the west side of
. This program helped to create free medical services for the African Americans. However the main goal of the breakfast programme was the provision of free breakfasts for children. This programme was spread on to a broad area and children nowadays still have free meals at schools in the United Stated.

Mulford act, California 1967
Bobby Seale, the man who founded the Black Panthers, led the protest against this bill. The Party marched fully armed in protest to the prohibition of carrying loaded firearms in public. With
Washington Chapter
This protests was the first to be created outside of
. This event showed that its struggles for racial justice had moved beyond persuasion and non-violent protest. The Party moved from non-violence towards violence, that is when the perspective of the Civil Rights Movement changed. This can also be linked to Malcolm X his believe about changing the strategies to accomplish their goals, the change from non-violent to violent.

New York
How the believes of Malcolm X and the actions of the Black Pathers affected the Civil Right Movements
After Malcolm X his death, his believes got involved in the Civil Rights Movements. He called for social separation, unlike Martin Luther King Jr, who wanted social integration. Rather than trying to integrate the black community into the white, he focuses on the complete separation of them. He became a great leader and set up people, especially the group of the Black Panthers, to be aggressive about seeking out equality. His ideas led the Black Panthers and propagated this idea.
Huey Newton also emerging as a leading figure in the black militant movement they made their statement. Guns are even now still accepted in America.
After having made the change from non-violence to violence, the Panthers became more goal orientated. This can be seen in the event on April 2, 1970, in New York. In which 21 Panthers were charged with plotting to assassinate police officers and blowing up buildings.
Malcolm X
and the
Black Panther Party
united the black man and gave them a sense of belonging. They both increased
Black Nationalism
in the United States, which contributed to black people uniting in masses to fight for a cause which can only be won in unity. The ideas of Malcolm X had a huge influence on how the Black Panthers reached their goals, because their ideas were based on Malcolm’s view on the Civil Rights Movement. And as been said Malcolm believed that actions were more effective than words. That is why the Black Panthers believed that violence, or a threat of violence, would cause social change more effectively.

We can now state that all of the events mentioned, show us that the believes of Malcolm X and the actions of the Black Panthers, caused the Civil Rights Movement to become more and more violent.
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