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Zoom Girl

By Veronica Kukec

Holly Johnson

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Zoom Girl

Super Powers ALter Ego Extreme Speed Zoom Girls super powers include, Super speed. Zoom girl can reach such high speeds that she actually becomes invisible due to the extreme
speed. This is a really good and helpful super power because she can get to people who need her help faster and also escape any trouble she gets into really fast. If she is ever in trouble she just zooms off. Costume Zoom Girl wears a bright orange t-shirt and bright orange shorts. they are both made out of rubber so she can move really easily. The main reason why her costume is based on the colour orange is because it is a very eye catching colour and it is also easily identified and zoom girl because no other super hero wears orange. Zoom girl wears black shoes and has an orange hair scrunchie. Super hero name The reason why my super hero is called
Zoom girl is mainly because she can Zoom
extremely fast from place to place and
can zoom into the disguise of a different
person. I also think that the name is very
suited to a super hero and can be indentified easily. I think the name suits
everything about my superhero. Zoom Girl
By Veronica Kukec Shape Shifting Shape Shifting Costume Alter Ego Zoom Girl became a super hero and gained her super powers after her mother died during birth. She never knew she had super powers until she was 12. She is now 16. Her whole family has no super powers so she is the only one. Shape shifting is another super power
that Zoom girl has. She can become anyone
and anything. She can simply change her
appearance, voice and personality to fool
anyone into believing that she is someone she
actually not. This is a really useful super power
because she can sneak into places and listen
in, while in disguise of someone that people might
trust. Equipment Zoom girls equipment only includes
a small shape shifting device which
is cleverly implanted at the back of her neck so no one else can steal it and use it for themselves. Nemesis Zoo girls nemesis is rapid rush,
they have been sworn enemies since
they were born. Rapid Rush also has
very similar super powers so one
does not have an advantage over
the other.
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