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Ancient Rome

No description

lisset cropper

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Geography Ancient Rome was developed
with a river. This river was the
Tiber River. The mountains seperated
Rome from Europe. Rome and greece have
somethings in common
like they started on a
penninsula. The Origins of Rome The person that founded
Rome was Romeulous. Romulus and Remus were brothers and were
raised by wolfs. When they grew up they fought
and Romulus killed Remus. Romulus and Remus fighting Since Romulus killed Remus
Romulus names his city Rome. Map of Ancient Rome The Poor Get More Powerful The patricians were rich
and powerful people. The Plebians
were the poor people. Republic was that the people
voted for the representatives
and they would vote on the laws. Tribune was the top officials
of the plebian assembly. The Twelve Table was the first
written law code. They helped out
a lot because if somebody did something
wrong the laws would be written down. The Roman Republic Tripartit meant that it
is three of something. The
three were the senate and the assemblies was one the consul was another and the last ones were the tribunes. Tribunes were the top
officials of the plebians and the
magistrateswere the consul.
There was a lot of different
governments in the Roman
Republic. Assembily was part of the
republic and they were a
democacy. Checks and Balences were for keeping any other government for gaining more power than they needed

The Roman Society Patriarchal was that
the men had power,
and control over the family. Girls had to stop going
to shool at the age of 13.
The Boys stoped at age 16 Growth of the Republic Tactic is a method to
achieve a short term goal. There were wars between Carthage and Rome. Carthage
won the battles with Rome. Then Rome build a navy and defeated, and destroyed Carthage. Rome combined military strength
with diplomacy. That was after they
conquered they asked for support. Rome's government stated
to pay the that were fighting.
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