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8.01 Roots of The Cold War

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Pierre Johnson

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of 8.01 Roots of The Cold War

My Interview:

1. What was the first time you recollect auricularly discerning about the Soviet Amalgamation (or the USSR) and its conflict with the Amalgamated States? Tell me about it.
- " I recollect people verbalizing about the Soviet Coalescence and heedfully aurally perceiving on the radio when I was a little girl in Jamaica. We moved down here in Florida in the 80s !! We couldn't believe our ocular perceivers when we auricularly discerned what was transpiring! It seemed to be transpiring so expeditious!"

2. What do you recollect optically discerning or reading in the news about the Cold War?
-" I always recollect people down here arguing about the Soviet Cumulation, who was going to be more potent than the other! I didn't ken what they were verbalizing about at the time, but to cerebrate of it, they would verbalize for hours and me heedfully aurally perceiving them verbalize about politics and if we were in trouble."

3. What books did you read or movies did you optically canvass that villainized the Soviet Coalescence or dealt with the Cold War? How did they shape your impressions at that time?
-"I don't recollect optically canvassing any movies about it because I was so puerile. But I do recollect visually perceiving and reading it in newspapers. People had full blown opinions about this subject, but it never intrigued me into learning about it."

4. What were you edified in school and at home about the Soviet Coalescence? What did your school and family edify about nuclear threats and nuclear war?
-" Back in my days, we didn't authentically learn about the Soviet Amalgamation and the Cold War, I mean we were puerile . I ken that we would sometimes practice drills if their were any terrorism attacks but other than that we left the situation alone. We kenned what could transpire to us if we were near a nuclear bomb, or if we smuggled them. I ascertained to keep far away from them."

5. Were you or any of your family members ever trepidacious that there would be a sultry war or nuclear war between the Coalesced States and the Soviet Amalgamation? When did you feel that way? If affirmative, did you do anything to prepare or get yare for it?
-" We all were trepidacious of a nuclear war transpiring because we would of had to go back to Jamaica, and it was already lamentable down there. I recollect that when I cerebrate I was 14 or scarcely older. We didn't kinetically circumnavigate outside of the house, we were very cautious. I recollect my family would practice drills if any one came inside the house, we would obnubilate underneath beds, tables, anything we could fit underneath. After all, we were skinny."

6. What aspects of the Space Race do you recollect? Was "Space Race" a phrase that you recollect utilizing at the time? What did it betoken to you?
-" Oh!! I recollect when the Soviet Coalescence was endeavoring to explore space at a more expeditious rate than the U.S. We were all frantic to visually perceive who would accomplish the deed first.I kind of mentally conceived it was comical, competing to visually perceive which man would be on the moon first. "
8.01 : Roots of The Cold War
My Interview With Clara Smith
Interviewee's Name
: Clara Smith
Date of Birth:
October 6, 1950
Places Interviewee lived between 1945 and 1989:
Kingston, Jaimaca and Ft. Lauderdale
Date of Interview
: August 10, 2013
Time Of Interview:
1:30 PM
What from the interview did I find most surprising?
I found question number seven most surprising because I didn't realize that they didn't have a tv. Withal some of the questions made me realize that the Cold War was remotely frighteningly eerie and people had to be cognizant of their circumventions. Overall, I found this interview inordinately fascinating, it was actually very informative and I like the interview more in person.
How might a Russian adult have responded to the interview?
I cerebrate they would of had a divergent perspective of the cold war because they were against the U.S. instead of with us. They would have had a divergent opinion to these interview questions because their lives were affected differently.
7. How was the rivalry between the Amalgamated States and the Soviet Cumulation promoted in sports? Can you cerebrate of any concrete examples?
-" Well, back then, we were marginally poor. We didn't have a tv to visually examine and the ones we did, were in ebony and white and scarcely any channels to optically discern. I'm contrite I could not answer you question, it was just from my erudition."
8. Do you recollect the Berlin Wall coming down? How did it make you feel? How have your feelings about that era transmuted since 1989 and the Berlin Wall coming down?
-" At that time, we had little erudition about the wall, and I was very shocked that it went down. Do you ken how much people it took to bring it down?? It took a lot! I was actually kind of blissful because then the Soviet Coalescence and the Cold War commenced to descend and crumble. It felt kind of good to ken that the U.S. was still a superpower."
9. How do you cerebrate future generations will recollect the Cold War? What edifications should students today take away from the Cold War?
-" I cerebrate they would recollect the Cold War, very algid and luckily not sultry. I mean, at least it didn't last as long as I expected. It was short and to the point. I hope these kids recollect what they're country has done for them and not to be selfish. We could have been under attack and not ken it. These kids need to be thankful of their country!"
10. How does psychological warfare today compare to psychological warfare during the Cold War?
-" Well, in my opinion, I cerebrate technology has been more subsidiary and au courant now. We recollect a lot more now of the terrorism attacks such as 9/11. And believe it or not, people are utilizing their brains now, we have came up with more perspicacious tactics to contravene people who are against us."
11. What do you cerebrate would have transpired if we went to war?

-" I actually thought at first that we were all going to die, but to come to think of it, we are much smarter that our opponents."
12. What was it like to be in the middle of the Cold War? How did you react to it?
-" I didn't really pay attention to it as I was telling you. My family just kind of ignored it until it started standing out and people started talking about it. It didn't really affect me, but we just had to be aware of it."
By:Pierre Johnson
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