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No description

john visel

on 14 November 2011

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Transcript of Recorder

The Recorder Recorder Rhythm Prep Teach "Do, Do, Pity My Case" and "Wake Me" Students sing part of each song Put something that represents beats on the board Replace beats with rhythms (du, du-de, du-oo etc.) Game: erase one rhythm after letting the kids
take a "picture" of it. Recorder Pitfalls - No half moons! (covering the hole halfway)
- Blow warm air (Throw a snowball at me, then warm
up your hands.)
- Bring the volume down.
- LEFT HAND up top, Right Hand on bottom!!!!!
- Make sure you start on the first hole
- Show me what I'm doing wrong.
- Make beautiful sounds.
- "Flat, fat fingers."
-Play position (mouth) Practice Position (chin)
and Rest Position (across lap)
- If a child plays when he is not supposed to, he puts his recorder away until the end of the day (or 10 minutes?
-One child echo at a time for note/technique check
- "Spit a watermelon seed." (tongue-ing.)

Activities for One or Two notes

-Echo me. (four beats)
-Sit in circle, each student models, other students echo.
-Teacher chunks chords on piano or plays drum, student makes up solo.

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