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Republic of Colombia

No description

Preena Panyasakorn

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Republic of Colombia

Background of Colombia
Colonized country by Spanish
Freedom from Fear
Freedom of Speech
Elders asked for aiding about sexual violence victim.
Freedom from Want
Human rights in Colombia
Several Native American groups settle in the region .
In 1510, the Spanish colonization.
July 20, 1810 Colombia became independence.
The gap between rich and poor population in country.
Wealthy people have more chance.
The education does not thoroughly to every area.
Colombian women fall to be a victim in human trafficking.
Cannot back to their country because of no passport and document.
Ana Angelica Bello, obtained the death threats.
Conflict violence and discrimination based on sexual and gender identity.
Most people in Northeast region do a contraband.
Thanks for your attention
Pareena Panyasakorn (573086)
PC3 Group8
Cocaine is the most famous drug in the country.
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