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snow all the way!


J Kostenbader

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of snow all the way!

Snow flakes!

Did you know that about a million billion snowflakes fall each second, over the typical year. There is also a snowflake that is as small as a diameter of your hair. It is called a diamond dust crystal. Some snow is easier to make snowballs with because it may have melted a little making a glue allowing snow to stick on quicker than others.
The cycle begins with snow crystals falling down on the land. After a few days or weeks depending on how hard it snowed it evaporates. Evaporation is the state of a liquid being dried and absorbed for next rain shower or snows fall. It repeats its cycle and starts over again.

Snow cycle!
These wondrous flakes are celebrated all over. Often for decorations around winter. You can make paper snowflakes with paper and scissors. Another is some ribbons have snowflake designs so do pajamas. So we all know that snow flakes are celebrated.
Snow all the way!
BY: Allison Go
From class 5-501
***Hope you will enjoy this ***

o o
Snowflake looks!
Snowflakes have a variety of shapes and patterns. Snow is not white but reflects other colors. These tiny pieces of snow have 6 sides and are hexagons. Snowflakes are a different but possibly can look the same. These flakes may look alike but not the same.
Fun to know about snow!
Celebrate snowflakes!
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