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Plant Cell Analogy: Airplane

No description

Samantha Martinez

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Plant Cell Analogy: Airplane

Cell Plant Diagram and Airplane Diagram
Plant Cell Analogy: Airplane
By Samantha Martinez
Period 3 Science

The Cell Wall of a plant cell is like a fuselage of an airplane because it hold things together and keeps the plane stable and it is also the carry payload, like the cell wall that is the outside part of a cell plant and give the cell its shape.
Cell Wall and Fuselage
The Membrane of plant cell is like the exits of an airplane, because the exits are doors where people and suitcases come or come out when they opened or closes, like the cell membrane that controls what goes in and what come out of the plant cell.

Cell Membrane and the Exits of an Airplane
The Golgi Apparatus of a plant cell is like a fuel tank of an airplane because it storage the petroleum and then passes it through the airplane for the airplane to start working, like the Golgi Apparatus that storage the proteins and manifests the proteins and the nutrients which then passes through the plant cell

Golgi Apparatus and Fuel Tank
The Nucleus of a plant cell is like an airplane cockpit because it has all the information of the plane in the cockpit and controls all the systems and is the center of an airplane, like the Nucleus that is the center of the cell plant that controls and knows everything that is happening inside the cell.

Nucleus and Cockpit
The Vacuole of a plant cell is like the water supply system of an airplane because it is a backup the the fuel tank and storage the water and other liquid waste from the bathrooms or sink, like the vacuole which is the storage of water and liquid nutrients.

Vacuole and Water Supply
The Ribosomes of a plant cell is like the air conditioning in an airplane because the air is floating around the airplane , like the Ribosomes of a plant cells are proteins that float around the cell.

Ribosomes and the Air Conditioner
The Mitochondria of a plant cell is like the turbine engine of an airplane because they basically generate thrust for the plane to lift into the air, like the Mitochondria of a plant cell that it is responsible for generating the cell’s energy.

Mitochondria and Turbine Engine
The Endoplasmic Reticulum of a plant cell is like the aisles of an airplane because it has lights and direction for food carts, passengers, pilots and the flight attendant know where to go , like the Endoplasmic Reticulum that is a highway for the cell so the proteins and nutrients can travel through it.

Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Aisles
Chloroplast and the Kitchen
The chloroplast of a plant cell is like the kitchen in an airplane because it is where food can be made,like the Chloroplast of a plant cell that is is where photosynthesis takes place which is the process of making its own food.

The lysosomes of plant cell is like a the bathrooms in an airplane because it is where the human waste gets flushed down and break apart to the water supply of an airplane, like the lysosomes of a plant cell which are waste centers that breaks down waste with acid.

Lysosomes and Bathrooms
Tohatsu Outboards: Authorized North American Distributor for ...
Hallways for things to pass through
Both of them stores important substances for their complex construction.
Both complexes need the cockpit or nucleus because they are the mind and controls everything.
The vacuole and the water supply caries and storage water and other liquid substances.
Both of them are floating freely either in the plant cell or in the airplane.
They are both the energy source for their complexes to work.
The complexes have direction where things can pass by.
Both of them have a place where food can be made.
Both of them storage and breaks down the waste.
The cell wall and Fuselage acts like a protective cape.
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