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World Geography Chapter 5 Lessons 1 and 2

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Bryan Poepperling

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of World Geography Chapter 5 Lessons 1 and 2

Lesson 1 and 2:
Urban Growth

Mr. Poepperling

Stages of Urban Growth
Toronto, Ontario
Atlanta, Georgia
Portland, Oregon
Atlanta's Growth
Chapter 5
Urban Sprawl in North America

Supporting Urban Development

- Adding new developments outside a city will cost less
- Building costs are lower in the country than the city
- Suburbs are a better place to raise a family
- Housing projects create jobs
- New homeowners will spend money on their homes and pay taxes
Cases for and Against Urban Growth
Ticket out of the Door
- Portland's growing population worried many in the 1960's and 1970's
- Lawmakers and the Governor debated what could be done
- For every developed acre of land leave one open?
- Create development boundaries?
- Ban all development in rural areas?
Land use planning laws:
Smart Growth

- Created growth boundaries
- Public transit helps people get around
- Mixed-use developments
Portland's Growth
Toronto's Growth
Standards and Objectives
Urban Growth
Measurement and Safety
- Consumers don't want to be cheated and want to be sure that the products they buy are safe
- Government thus tests and certifies the accuracy of various measuring devices to buy, sell, or ship products
- U.S. Bureau of Weights and Measures is responsible for the inspection and testing of all commercial devices
(Ex.- scanners at grocery stores)
- U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates food safety
1. What is urban sprawl and how can it harm/help cities?

2. Explain one viewpoint that supports urban sprawl and one viewpoint against urban sprawl

3. Explain how urban sprawl has affected Portland, Toronto, and Atlanta
SS. 912 G4.5, SS. 912 G4.6, and SS. 912 G4.8
1. Describe the process of urban sprawl
2. Explain one case in favor urban sprawl and one case against it
3. Analyze three cities and explain how each is different because of urban sprawl
For many decades, urban development in the U.S. and Canada has been moving out from cities into
- The rapid and often poorly planned spread of cities and suburbs
- By the 1920's American cars led to housing areas being built farther from the urban core, in the urban fringe
- Beyond the urban fringe lies the
rural fringe
, connected to the city by roads and highways
Against Urban Development

- Rural land development destroys animal/plant habitats
- Cars that are needed for transportation into cities cause pollution
- Taxes are raised for everyone when new developments are created
- Canada's largest metropolitan area
- In 1965 a plan to renew it's urban core
was created: infill over sprawl
- Building high-rises over run-down parts of the city
- To control sprawl they need a plan:
- mixed use development?
- ban all growth in rural areas?
- Only grow in certain parts?
The Official Plan
- some growth in some areas
- Infill and mixed-use in 25% of the city
- In the 1990's Atlanta led the nation in new jobs, homes, and highways
- Housing developments destroyed habitats
- Traffic jams and pollution caused problems
- Options:
- Give up federal funding on highways?
- Regional transportation system?
- Mixed use developments?
- Solution:
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority
- Bus lines and rail systems help lower pollution
Where are people migrating
in the U.S. and Canada?
What is urban sprawl?
- A major city and its surrounding suburbs
- Inside of this area is the city's
urban core
What is a metropolitan area?
How did Americans move
to the urban fringe?
Ticket out of the Door
Ch. 5 lesson 1
1. How does urban sprawl affect rural areas that
are spread into?

2. Name one positive effect of urban sprawl

3. Name one negative effect of urban sprawl
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