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Fairy Eyes

This is a guide for the book I hope to write. It includes characters' names, the different settings, the plot of the story, and the different types of fairies. Enjoy!

Kamiri Rowan

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Fairy Eyes

Fairy Eyes Characters Protagonists Antagonists Norando Coral Angel Toju Orestes Carnisans Captain Juazp Bryony Settings Ocean Valley The Palace The Ruins Odoseda Zast Lantig Kualu Dawly Talu Lake Entoa Fovps Ixspy Watlm Vapient Flouss The Beach Plot Part One -Kyzi &Jecca escape
from Vapient -Norando escapes
Zast slavery -Norando & Coral meet
at Starfish Cove -Coral escapes the
palce with Angel -Trio is captured in Dawly by carnisans Lynisk Part Two -Trio meets Toju -Norando, Coral, & Angel
are tested to see if they
are the 'Last Vapians' -Norando, Coral, Angel, and Toju escape to Fovps Part Three - N.,C.,A.,T. discover
truth about Orestes - N.,C.,A.,T. meet Lynisk Kyzi Jecca -N.,C.,A.,T. refuse
Lynisk's offer -Lynisk tries to persuade
N.,C.,A.,T. to join her forces
against Orestes -Lynisk sends soldiers to capture N.,C.,A.,T. -Orestes sends carnisans to recapture N.,C.,A.,T. -Orestes reveals who Norando
and Coral's parents are -War over which side gets
Norando & Coral -Norando & Coral begin quest for parents with angel and Toju Fairies Kyzi Jecca Coral Norando Angel Toju Orestes Lynisk Captain Juazp Bryony -Norando & Coral gain freedom Forest Fairies Fairy Classification Ocean Fairies Island Fairies Mountain Fairies Physical Appearance -Eyes can be any color
except red or yellow -Hair can be any color -Males can grow up to 6' 5" -Females can grow up to
6' 2" -Skin color varies -Hair can be straight, wavy, or curly Specialties -Very talented in the arts: music, painting, writing, sculpting, etc. -Also competent in athletics: running, flying, swimming, etc. Physical Appearance - Eyes are generally black
or brown, sometimes a
dark green -Hair can be
black or brown -Males can grow up
to 5' 8" -Females can grow
up to 5' 6" -Hair is straight & short -Skin color is tan Specialties -Very accomplished at
woodwork, construction,
and are very talented
with musical insruments -Famous for close
family relationships Physical Appearance -Eyes can be any color except red, yellow, or orange -Hair can be any color -Males can grow up
to 5' 7" -Females can grow
up to 5' 9" -Skin is very pale -Hair can be straight or
wavy and long Specialties -Very adept at
weaving, singing, etc. -Experts at taming wild
creatures with music Physical Appearance -Eyes are gray, silver, or black -Hair is black or a dark, dark brown -Males can grow up
to 5' 6" -Females can grow
up to 5' 7" -Skin is pale -Hair can be short or long and sraight Specialties -Skilled at camoflauging
and metalwork -Often quiet and secretive

-Great strategists -Can adapt to any environment All Fairies - ALL FAIRIES decide status depending on what color the eyes are Example: If an ocean fairy has purple eyes,
they are given a high government position, wheras if an ocean fairy has brown eyes,
they will be made a loborer,
unless born to a noble or upper-class family.
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