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A Week In The Woods

No description

Bob Bob

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of A Week In The Woods

A Week In The Woods By Andrew Clements
Mark and his family move to New Hampshire. Mark attends a school and signs up for a program called A Week In The Woods. You go to a camp and go on hikes and sleep in cabins. Mark is caught with his freind Jason's knife. Mark runs away instead of going to Mr.Maxwells truck.
Mark was in the woods. Alone. He had walked for about an hour and then he decided to go backbut instead of taking the trail he took before hewent a different way and went on an abandoned trail. He was finally able to find a good spot and then he set up camp.
A lot later Mr. Maxwell and Mark found each other. Once they packed up camp, they went back to camp and had a late breakfast.
The Chemsleys move to New Hampshire. Mark goes to a small public school called Hardy Elementary.
This is the book.
The theme is "don't judge a book by its cover"becuase Mr. Maxwell judged Mark becuase he dislikes lazy, spoiled, rich kids,and he thought that mark is lazy and spoiled rich kid.
Solution and Problem
While on the program,Mark gets caught with a knife that isnt his. It is his friend Jasons. One of the teachers tells him to get in his truck because he was going home. Once the teacher got back mark was not there.
Mark and Mr. Maxwell find each other and Mr. Maxwell broke his foot.They went back to camp and had a late breakfast.
thanks for watching!
Mark starts out as a spoiled slacker, but later on in the book he becomes a lot nicer and makes new friends.
Character Changes Over Time
By:William, LUKE, Archie, Spencer
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