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Plot Triangle

An explanation of the plot triangle and how it works

Mr Gibb

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Plot Triangle


* introduce characters
* create setting
* begin story Rising Action

* Where things start to go wrong, leading up to the main problem (the climax)
* There will be clues to what will happen in the climax in the rising action. Climax

* The main problem of the story
* Where most of the action takes place
* Should be exciting and the action should have built up to this moment. Falling Action

* Where the climax (main problem) begins to get fixed.
* We should see signs that things are improving and the problem (climax) is getting sorted out.
* Leads into the resolution Resolution

* The end of the story, where the climax (main problem) has been RESOLVED (sorted out).
* Allows the reader to feel content that the story has finished well (or left them wanting more).
* All 'loose ends' should be sorted out.
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