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Pharmaceutical Marketing Project

Reginald Laudato

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Vaneuropin

Vaneuropin (gaclodiazepam) is prescribed to patients experiencing anxiety and seizures.
Classified as a benzodiazepine

What is Vaneuropin?
Vaneuropin (90 tablet) 5mg
Vaneuropin (90 tablet) 10mg
Vaneuropin (90 tablet) 25mg
Vaneuropin (90 tablet) 50mg
Dosage Strengths
Once taken, vaneuropin alters chemicals in the brain and nerves dealing with anxiety and seizures
Acting like a tranquilizer, it temporarily enhances (GABA), which reduces the communication between neurons resulting in a calming effect
How it works?
Vaneuropin (tablet) 5mg $7.99

Vaneuropin (tablet) 10mg $15

Vaneuropin (tablet) 25mg $30

Vaneuropin (tablet) 50mg $60

Take Control With
Side Effects
Do not take Vaneuropin if you have an allergy to clonazepam or benzodiazepines classified drugs
If unusual side effects such as yellowing of skin & eyes or a change in color increase in the amount of urine
Before you take Vaneuropin tell your doctor about history with asthma, sleep apnea (stop breathing during sleep), mental illness, heart disease, lung disease

Benefits of Taking Vaneuropin
Vaneuropin has anxiolytic that helps restrain your anxiety and helps you take control of your apprehension
No need to worry about drowsiness or muscle weakness
No suicidal thoughts or symptoms of depression
Cause harm to unborn babies; affecting their feeding and breathing mechanisms
Decrease in urine production
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Take Control With
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