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Copy of Six Common Criticism of Deskilling Thesis

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Iznur Demirkut

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Six Common Criticism of Deskilling Thesis

Six Common Criticism of Deskilling Thesis
Criticism 2
Criticism 2
: increased control
labour was not the primary focus
Technological change
new opportunities → product control, efficiency and flexibility =
reduction in cost of labour.
Armstrong argues
→ UK companies adopt strategic thinking = financial concerns > human resources
Thank you for Listening
Criticism 6- the deskilling thesis overlooks skill transfer possibilities
Criticism 3- The deskilling thesis treats labour as passive
towards deskilling = trade union 'collective action' + individual action

Edwards (1979)
→ managers solution = adopt sophisticated forms of control x worker resistance.

→ shift from
'simple control'
'technical control'
(assembly line) +
'bureaucratic control'
workplace rules + procedures +regulated internal labour market
Criticism 2- The deskilling thesis overstates management's objective of controlling labour
Control over employees = profit objective
Causes: ignorance regarding importance of
- labour issues as the major concern for the formation of strategy in firms
Littler and Salaman (1982:257)

process of capital accumulation > labour process.
Child (1972)

political manoeuvring
and managers as key decisions makers.
Criticism 5- The deskilling thesis ignores gender

1) Woman's role in
domestic labour
2) Braverman - romanticizing past
3) Braverman- ignoring the
patriarchal structure
4) Braverman- failing to explain
gender dimension


1) Undermine woman's contribution
2) Overestimates
conventional system

Thus, Braverman's thesis lack 'diversity and complexity of management objectives.
+ ignoring the 'Plurality of Interests'
Opposing argument with a study : research into technological change in UK provincial newspaper industry conducted by Noon 1994
Criticism 4- The deskilling thesis underestimates the degree of consent and accommodation by employees
Criticism 1- The Deskilling thesis ignores alternative management strategies
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