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What Causes Leaves to Fall?

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Catie Pollman

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of What Causes Leaves to Fall?

If temperature is changed in a tree's environment, then leaves will fall.
20 rooms with individual climate control
100 small potted trees (with the same soil and pots)
This is relevant for house plants that one would wish to keep healthy and thriving in the winter, as well as predicting the height of leaf colors.
1. Gather materials

5. Place five trees in each room and observe for a month.
6. Every week, record the percent of leaves still on the trees.
2. Set up a room to each of the following temperatures
3. Set up a room to each of the following light levels
No Light
Dim Light
Natural Light
Bright Light
4. Set up a room to every combination of temperature and light.

Based on our research...
both light and temperature effect the leaves and when they fall.
If this was completed...
the room conditions of the trees with the most amount of leaves would be an accurate representation of the best temperatures or light levels for trees.
What Causes Leaves to Fall?
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