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Why Blog?

Using blogs in the classroom

Kim De Vries

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Why Blog?

Using Blogs in the Classroom What is a BLOG? Why use a BLOG? Examples of BLOGS used by teachers and Students How to... Getting Started Inspired by work of Oriana Miano, Freeman Catholic College Practical reasons
Easily updated
Means of communication between students (and may be moderated)
Easy to integrate other material: external links, as well as videos, animations and photos)
Entries are date-stamped Blog is short for "weB log"
Like an online journal (when used by individuals)
Can organize a whole website (for individuals or groups) Set up a Blog Using WordPress Identify your needs
Research notes
Present/archive materials
Illustrate concepts
Have students keeping blogs as well Happy Blogging! http://csusmoberly.wordpress.com Choose the site that's right for you:
Hosted, or on your own server / website.
Choose settings to enable, restrict, and/or monitor students' usage of the site.
Add and test content. Pedagogical Reasons
Emphasizes the public nature of academic work
Blog structure illustrates useful concepts about organizing information
Reaches beyond the classroom or LMS http://kdevries.net/teaching/ http://amee24.wordpress.com Kim De Vries
02/15/11 By Teachers For Research
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