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Scott Phillips

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Feudalism

Feudalism & the Middle Ages
What is feudalism?
1. Social system of class distinction & unchanging way of life.
2. Political system of local gov. & military defense.
3. Economic system of
self-sufficient agricultural manors.
Lives in large castle-like structure
Owns the MANOR
Offers protection for everyone on the manor
Gives FIEFS for farming
In return, the lord receives large portion of crops, etc.
Lived lavish life, no manual labor, always had safety, food, etc.
Led military
Protected MANOR against invasions
Practiced CHIVALRY as a code of conduct
Received portion of land (called a FIEF) in return
Life could be exciting, some adventure
Professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.)
Clerical Service, Blue Collar
Professional Support
& Sales
Why is it this way?!
Will anything change?
What's the difference between each class?
Worked FIEF given to him by lord
40 days of military service to lord
Gave payments of crops or money to lord
Could also work in a trade (blacksmith, cobbler, etc.)
LIfe was average, hard. No change in daily routine
Bound to the land
Not slaves, but couldn't leave MANOR
Worked lord's land, paid a fee when married, paid lord in crops as taxes
Produced everything they needed individually
Majority of FEUDAL society
Daily life was awful!
Worked long hard days, manual labor
No hope for change in social structure
No education!
No new technology
Practiced Christianity
Christianity in the Middle Ages
Europe largely Christian
Belief that everyone was a sinner
Fear caused devout worship of church
People took sacraments to achieve salvation
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