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Classroom Procedures, Routines & Policies

No description

Brandy LaQuatra

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures, Routines & Policies

Students may be assigned to a ZAP session for the following reasons:

Incomplete or neglected homework, test make-ups, NOT YET Essays, and/or the student requires extra help in a particular unit of study.

Students who fail to attend a ZAP session will receive detention and a phone call home.
ZAP Policy: Zeroes Aren’t Possible (continued…)
ZAP Policy=Zeroes Aren’t Possible: Students who arrive to class with incomplete assignments or assignments seriously below the standard of expectations MUST stay after school to complete the work and master the skills taught.

Miss LaQuatra will hand out ZAP cards to students who are assigned to the mandatory ZAP session. Not completing assigned work on time means students will receive a grade of INCOMPLETE until they make up the work in the ZAP session with Miss LaQuatra.

No excuses are accepted.
ZAP Policy: Zeroes Aren’t Possible (continued…)
FOOD AND DRINK ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE CLASSROOM unless special permission is granted by the teacher.

Bags and purses are to be placed on the floor near your desk away from foot traffic.
Grooming should be done at home before school begins. Please do not put on makeup or brush you hair while in my classroom.
General School Rules:
Twenty-first century readers and writers need to:

Develop proficiency with the tools of technology
Build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively and cross-culturally
Design and share information for global communities to meet a variety of purposes
Manage, analyze and synthesize multiple streams of simultaneous information
Create, critique, analyze, and evaluate multi-media texts
Attend to the ethical responsibilities required by these complex environments
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
The National Council of Teachers of English has created a new definition of 21st Century
The NCTE Definition of 21st-Century Literacies Adopted by the NCTE Executive Committee February 15, 2008 (http://www.ncte.org/announce/129117.htm)

Literacy has always been a collection of cultural and communicative practices shared among members of particular groups. As society and technology change, so does literacy. Because technology has increased the intensity and complexity of literate environments, the twenty-first century demands that a literate person possess a wide range of abilities and competencies, many literacies. These literacies—from reading online newspapers to participating in virtual classrooms—are multiple, dynamic, and malleable. As in the past, they are inextricably linked with particular histories, life possibilities and social trajectories of individuals and groups.
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
Internet use is only allowed when specified by the teacher, for research, online testing, projects and other appropriate tasks.

Students who misuse this privilege will lose internet rights as determined by the technology manager.
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
Each student will be assigned to a numbered laptop for English class. For example, if a student is assigned to laptop #3, then he or she will only use laptop #3 during the course of the school year.

Students are responsible for learning and understanding laptop etiquette.

Technology contracts will be given to each student at the start of the school year.
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
Upon entering the library students should remain quiet and sit at the designated tables until the teacher is present to instruct the daily activities.

Upon entering the computer lab, students can select a computer and can begin to log in if they have access to their password.

Please do not surf the net when waiting for instructions.

All Internet research should be for school purposes only.
Going to the Library
Or Computer Lab
Arriving late for class automatically means you must visit me after school for 5 minutes. Showing up demonstrates that you are accountable for your actions. Failure to show up will result in principal’s detention until 3:20. Make the smart choice. 

Students who Cut Class will receive detention. Students may also be suspended from school for truancy. School truancy can delay and suspend your drivers license even if you do not have one yet.
Arriving Late to Class
YOU WILL HAVE ONE WEEK (5 DAYS) TO MAKE UP ALL WORK (unless otherwise instructed).

MAKE-UP DAY WILL BE OFFERED ONE DAY PER WEEK DIRECTLY AFTER SCHOOL FROM 2:40 TO 4:00 (time and day of the week may change due to after school activities and obligations. All updates will be given in case of a change).
When You Are Absent (continued…)
When returning to school and class, first check the absentee bin in the back of the room to collect your make-up work and then double-check with Miss LaQuatra for further details. You can always email me too.
When You Are Absent
The Student Assistant will collect assignments for that row and will be responsible for placing them in the designated assignment bin.

If the desks are positioned in circles or students are sitting at tables- students must place their papers in the paper tray in the middle of the table for the Student Assistant to collect.
Turning in Assignments
The Student Distributor will be responsible for passing back graded homework assignments, papers, and tests.

The Student Distributor should check the designated bins each day prior to class and distribute any graded work back to their peers.

At any time that the Student Assistant/ Distributor fails to meet the requirements of his or her job, he or she will be asked to retire the position and the job will be given to another student.
Student Distributor
The Student Assistant will be responsible for collecting all homework assignments, essays and/or class work.

The Student Assistant will clip all assignments together and write the title of the class and period number on the provided post-it. Stick the post-it on the top of the stack.

The Student Assistant will place the collected assignments in the designated assignment bin directly next to the classroom entrance. I will collect the assignments from the bin at the end of the day.
Student Assistant (continued…)
When we know what to expect and what to do everyone will have a positive learning experience.

The more we are prepared and on task the more time we have to accomplish our work and experience a variety of learning activities.

Below is a list of procedures and routines to be followed during class time.

If you learn what to expect, how to accomplish daily work and prepare for activities then you will achieve success in this class.
Why are Procedures and Routines Important? (continued…)
English 11

I would like to thank Megan Brzustowicz (Class of 2008), who graciously volunteered her time to model proper classroom procedures and routines so my new students can visually understand my expectations for English class.
Special Thanks!!!
Written work such as formal essays and research papers completed in a writing process will not be given a final grade until it meets the proper writing standards and expectations as indicated on Pennsylvania Grade level Benchmarks.
Students who receive a NOT YET on their essays will have the opportunity to edit and revise their work until it meets the requirements on the scoring rubric.
ABC, Not Yet
The students will be re-assigned to a second ZAP Session the following day. If a student fails to attend the second session, notification of a failing or incomplete grade will be sent to all coaches and club advisors.

Students who are failing 2 or more classes cannot participate in sports and after school activities until they attend the ZAP session and make-up the required work.

A conference will be requested to address the issue if a student receives 3 Incompletes.

Incomplete scores for assignments will result in a zero by the end of the quarter if not made up in the ZAP session.
ZAP Policy: Zeroes Aren’t Possible (continued…)
When you give your best efforts, participate and complete your work; I am able to accurately assess your learning achievements, strengths and needs.

When you have not completed your work I am not receiving an accurate reflection of what you know and what you are able to do.

If you do not complete your work in my class you are not off the hook. In fact, you will be ZAPPED.
ZAP Policy: Zeroes Aren’t Possible (continued…)
Behavior that disrupts the learning environment will not be tolerated.


Phones will be confiscated by the teacher if seen or heard in class. Phones may be used for educational uses when instructed by the teacher.

Any student caught using a phone will be reported to the principal and must serve a Principal’s detention before the phone is returned.
General School Rules:
If class time is interrupted by an announcement or a visitor this does not give the student the right to socialize or begin talking, students are to remain quiet and on task.
Returning to Task
After An Interruption
Student Passes are only to be used for the following purposes:

the student has a bathroom emergency

the student becomes ill or is emotionally distraught and needs to see the counselor

the student is called to the office

the student is doing research which requires library exploration

Students must use the passes anytime they leave the classroom
Student Passes
The computers, Smart Boards and projectors are not toys and must be treated with great care and respect. This means students must hold the laptop with two hands, carry it by itself and carefully place it on the desk.
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
Students who do not have a signed pass will receive detention.

In the event that a student arrives late to class regardless of reason, please enter the room quietly, sign the late arrival sheet- include your name, the date and time of arrival and reason for being late. Then go to your seat, read any instructions on the board and do your best to follow along. I will give you further instructions during a transition time.
Arriving Late to Class
I expect all students to be on time for class
Students who are late will be warned once, afterwards points will be deducted from your grade and habitual lateness will result in after school detention and a phone call home.

If a student arrives late to class it is the responsibility of the student to have a signed pass from a building professional, teacher or office staff.
Arriving Late to Class
Once I have the student calendars up and running use it as a reference for keeping up with work to the best of your ability. You are able to check your class webpage on edline for class news, assignments and other useful resources. Updates will be posted often.

If a student is absent from school it is the responsibility of the student to make up any missed assignments, tests or special projects.
When You Are Absent
Remain quiet and in your seat
Ask for or do an Extra Credit assignment
Read a book- I have many books in my room for you to borrow
Write a poem, journal, letter or story, draw a picture
Study vocabulary words and grammar tips
When You Finish
Your Assignments Early
If you have a question or you need to sharpen your pencil or you have to go to the restroom- instead of calling out my name or getting out of your seat and disrupting the class in the process do the following instead:

Raise your hand once
Getting the Teacher’s
Attention without
Interrupting the Class
Turning in Assignments
The Student Assistant will collect the assignments at the beginning of class so make sure you have your assignment out.

If the desks are positioned in ROWS- pass papers to the desk in front of you, starting with the student at the far end of the row.

Each student down the line will add his or her paper to the stack and place the stack of papers on the next desk until they reach the person in the first row.
When groups are assigned, each person is an equal member.

Every person must do his or her part and will have a role to play.

Students are to remain seated in group work unless otherwise instructed.

Discussion should be quiet and based on the topic or activity assigned.

When an activity calls for movement around the classroom, students should walk, not run to the designated areas and get to work immediately. Socializing along the way may result in the loss of time and independent work privileges.
Cooperative Learning
Raise your hand to answer or ask a question.

Do not interrupt the current speaker; wait until the speaker is finished.

Respect everyone-it is okay to have a difference of opinion, but disrespecting another point of view will not be tolerated and will result in a zero for the day (if continuous).

There are no wrong answers; it is the questions that matter most.
Participating in
Class Discussions
All Assignments will be posted on the dry-erase board in the front of the room for your convenience.

A weekly/monthly student calendar will be posted for each class detailing the lesson of the class including any reading, homework or test notices.

Each student will also get his or her own student calendar to keep. Check these everyday to stay on task.
Calendars and
Assignment Postings
I realize at times that you will be doing busy work in class or maybe the noise level becomes inappropriate and you will need to be reminded of appropriate discussion, or maybe I just need to get your attention.

When you hear me say Listen Up Class I want you to do the following:

Stop what you are doing, remain quiet and attentive, Turn and face me, pay attention to my words, this means that I have something important to explain, demonstrate or express to you.

Let me repeat and demonstrate what I said again so that you understand.

Responding to My Request
for Attention and Quiet
The Bell does not dismiss you; other students do not dismiss you, only Miss LaQuatra will dismiss the class.

Listen to any final remarks I have to say such as reminders, homework or special activities.

When there are announcements- students must listen attentively so they know what is going on in the school community.

When I say, Have a Nice Day, you may leave to go to your next class- do not just leave when the bell rings if I am still speaking.
Dismissal at the End
of the Period or Day (continued…)
Even though it is nearing the end of class students should remain on task, whether that is finishing assignment, reading, writing or cleaning up, no one should be sitting there ready to sprint out the door. I will give you enough time to gather your things.

Remain quiet and in your seat.

If dismissal occurs during a group activity, remain in the assigned group seats.

Clean up your work area & around your desk for any trash and return to your seat promptly.
Dismissal at the End
of the Period or Day
Walk into the room on time for class.

Take your 3-ring binder and writing journal from the wire crate, sharpen pencils, and gather paper.

Sit in your assigned seat and prepare your materials.

Read and respond quietly to the assignment on the board. Write daily objectives, prompt or quote in your journal.

When finished- sit quietly and read a book, write, check assignment/test dates.

Prepare for the next part of class.
Beginning of the Period
Procedures and routines are an everyday part of life. In order for society to function we must follow acceptable and organized patterns of actions and ways of doing things.

We follow procedures in all areas of daily life. For instance: driving a car, approaching a traffic light, walking on the right side of the hallway, setting the table, and boarding an airplane.

Procedures and routines are also necessary for learning success. It is the responsibility of the classroom community to work together and follow an organized and predictable pattern of daily events.
Why are Procedures and Routines Important?
Hanging out at Edgar Allan Poe’s writing spot, (now called Poe’s Tavern) on Sullivan’s Island, SC.
I am always here to help you in any way I can.
I will stay after school if you need one on one support.
I will do my best to listen to your concerns and I will help you to come up with positive and realistic goals.
Never feel afraid or uncomfortable that you do not ask for help.
It is through mistakes that we learn and overcome.
My goal and hope for you is that you may achieve success in class and in life.
If you want to reach your goals you have to do the best you can, that is all I ask of you- always try and never give up.
I look forward to getting to know all of you!
I know we will have a wonderful year together!

 Miss LaQuatra
When You Need
Extra Help
Written work such as formal essays and research papers completed in a writing process will not be given a final grade until it meets the proper writing standards and expectations as indicated on Pennsylvania Grade level Benchmarks.
Students who receive a NOT YET on their essays will have the opportunity to edit end revise their work until it meets the requirements on the scoring rubric.
An Incomplete Grade will remain until the work is revised. Students who do not revise their work by the end of the grading quarter will receive the original score. Students have the opportunity to achieve success and reach their true potential if they take the time to read, write and revise assignments when given the chance.
ABC, Not Yet
If I am absent or I have to leave the room for any reason, students should follow the same procedures and routines for the substitute teacher or temporary instructor. 
When the Teacher
Is Out of the Classroom
In the event of severe weather or during practice safety procedures it is absolutely essential that all students listen, remain calm and follow all directions.

Never leave the class or remain behind, follow the class to the nearest and safest exit in an orderly manner.

Remain with your current teacher as you exit the building.

Do not leave your class as you wait outside- stay with your class.
Responding to a Fire Drill
Or Severe Weather Alert
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
Students in my English class will utilize the laptops on a regular basis especially for research, writing assignments and media based projects.

Technology is now a large part of class instruction and plays a huge role in the learning and creation process.

In order for students to develop skills for the 21st Century it is essential that they learn how to problem solve, work under pressure, create/adapt to change and communicate in various modes of expression.
Students who mistreat or improperly use the laptop in an inappropriate or intentional manner will receive a verbal warning for the first offense, detention for the 2nd offense and a referral to the office for the 3rd offense.

Students will not be permitted to use a laptop in my classroom until I speak with a parent or guardian to resolve the issue.

Students will receive an alternative assignment at that time.
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
These acceptable use policies for the Internet explain the specific rules of technology use in the building.

Students and parents must read and understand the rules and procedures and agree to comply by these rules.

Proper and improper use of technology is spelled out along with consequences for misuse.
Through the CFF Grant- Classrooms for the Future, we now have laptops in the classroom.

The laptops are stored and charged in mobile carts and are usually shared with other participating CFF teachers on the same floor.
Classroom Technology
& Laptop Computers
Students will walk, not run through the halls.

Students will walk together in an organized fashion and remain quiet.

Once in the library or computer lab, students will follow the rules of the room and treat it with care.
Going to the Library
Or Computer Lab
If I do not see you right away continue working and stand your textbook upright on your desk- this will signal me to come over to you without distracting others.
It is the student’s responsibility to sign out when leaving the room and to sign back in upon return. Sign your name, date and time.
Students may not leave the classroom during lectures/discussion.
Students may ask to use the restroom during seat work
Getting the Teacher’s
Attention without
Interrupting the Class
I will select a Student Assistant in each of my English classes at the beginning of every quarter.

The Student Assistant will earn this important job and quarterly bonus points by exhibiting the following characteristics: proper classroom behavior, academic progress, classroom leadership, eagerly cooperates with all classmates, shows willingness to help others, displays integrity in course work and actions.
Student Assistant
Have 3-ring binder or pocket portfolio, notebooks and journals out for notes and assignments.

Sit quietly and focus on the lesson.

Follow directions when instructed

Raise your hand to answer or ask a question.

Respond to questions with effort and at appropriate times.
Instruction Time
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