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New Parenting Class

No description

Annitra Byrom

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of New Parenting Class

My class consists of new moms who have not worked out in 9 months and may have baby fat. They need to gain more flexibility because their legs are strong but their back and arms are weak. All the moms are health but don't have much time to exercise. The class provides routines that can be done at home. We also provide daycare services while you attend the class.
Safety First!
Always stretch before and after exercise.
Know what your limit is.
Breath correctly
Dress appropriate
Drink water, keep body hydrated.
Never over do it, if you feel pain stop.
Weekly Stretching Routine:
Specificity: Training should be designed to meet a specific need.
Specificity can be put into this so that the participant knows her training will meet the need of getting in better flexibility.
Progression: Training should start slowly and gradually.
Progression will be in the stretching routine because by every week with doing the same stretches and trying to stretch farther and farther will over time progress flexibility.
Overload: Training should require you to do more than you normally do.
With the stretching routine there will be an overload in their schedule because the participant will be stretching alot more than they usually do and often. Frequency: How often you perform the activity. The training will happen mostly everyday.
Intensity: How intensely you perform the activity. Intensity will be based on how hard the participant wants to push herself but make sure she doesn't hurt herself.
Time: The duration of your activity.
Stretching will usually take about 15 to 25 minutes.
Type: The type of activity you perform.There will be multiple types of stretching for different muscles that need improved flexibility.
Reversibility: Training should continue or you will reverse your improvement.
With stretching if you don't keep stretching or don't stretch as much so if my participant doesn't stretch or doesn't stretch when she is suppose to she will not be as flexible and it will show in many ways and she could have the possibility of being hurt.
Tedium: Training should include a variety of activities to avoid boredom.
With resistance bands and with different stretches there will be tedium and variety of different exercises in the flexibility routine.
New Parenting Class
Thank you!
SPORT/FITT To Your Flexibility and Muscular Training
SPORT/FITT To Your Flexibility and Muscular Training

Dumbbells- can be used during muscular exercises, between $6-$15.
Yoga Mat- to do exercises that require you being on the ground, between $3-$10.
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