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Anna's Timeline

No description

Sami Saleh

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Anna's Timeline

The Death of Anna Garcia Anna garcia was born with Sickle Cell Anemia Due to FH Anna's artieries and veins were often clogged. This disease is a main suspect in her death as Famial hypercholestoralemia has a major risk factor in stroke which could have inevitabley killed her. Urinary Tract Infection A UTI is an infection affecting the bladder kidneys and urethra that is caused by the presence of a bacteria Casue of Death:
STROKE Symptoms Anna Garcia was born with type 1 Diabetes Affecting the nervous system because of destruction of nerves, the digestive system because of high levels of sugar and thirst, and urinary system becasue of destroying of the kidneys and frequent urination. Affecting the cardiovasular system becasue of disruption with blood flow and the immune system because of less white blood cells throughout the body. Symptoms Fatigue, Thirst, Frequent Urinations Sickle cell animea is when the red blood cells are abnormally shaped and clog arteries. Numbness or weakness on one side or body
Confusion, trouble speaking
Trouble walking or dizziness
Severe headache These symptoms occured because of the lack of oxygen reaching Anna's brain. One side of the body was affected because this side correlates with the side of the block in the brain. Long Term: Anna could have eaten much healthier and exercised in order to limit the amount of cholesterol in her blood and made sure to take her medication known as a statin to reduce the cholesterol Short Term: Once Anna began to feel these symptoms she should have stopped what she was doing and called 911 or a neighbor to look out for her. Symptoms: Dizzness, shortness of breath, headaches and sudden pain throughout body Familial Hypercholesterolemia Symptoms Chest pains
Fat deposits above the eyelid- Xanthelasmas
Blurriness within the eye Familial Hypocholesterolemia affects the circulatory system because it blocks arteries and the nervous system because of its impact on the eye and the restriction of blood to the brain. Symptoms Burning when urinating
Urinating often
Cloudy urine
Pain in your kidneys UTIs affect the urinary system because they weaken the kidney and cause frequent urination, the circulatory system because if the kidneys malfunction, waste will build up in the blood, and the immune system because the bacteria weakens the body.
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