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History of RHA

No description

Frederick Whelply

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of History of RHA

The History of RHA Acronyms GA- General Assembly CAACURH
Central Atlantic Affiliate
of College and University
Residence Halls NACURH
National Association of
College & University
Residence Halls RHA
Residence Hall
Association NCC-
Coordinator NRHH
National Residence
Hall Honorary RBD
Regional Board
of Directors OTM-
Of the Month awards Awards SALT-
Student Award
for Leadership
Training POY-
Program of
the Year LDD
Day Reslife
Residence Life RLC
Residence Life
Coordinator HD
Hall Director Supervise AD
Assistant Director RHA
2007-2008 First RHA after unification of campuses First LDD RHA
2008-2009 RHA
2010-2011 RHA
2009-2010 RHA NOW First GA was held Won Regional
Salt Award Constitution was
created Campus Councils
were created First Banquet
was held First Hall Government
President Spring Elections Won Regional SALT
award for Fall LDD First Spring LDD Wrote Bylaws &
Election Bylaws Establishment of
planning committee Changed the
Constitution Removal of Programming
Director from the Executive Board First year Rutgers'
Students were elected
to the RBD First Advocacy
Survey First year Rutgers'
Students presented
at NACURH and won
top 40 New Logo was developed,
Website was created Creation of Scarlet Knights Chapter of
NRHH Wireless Internet for the apartments resulted Won Nation POY
award for the Cook/Douglass Monster Mash program First May Training
for Hall Goverment
Presidents You decide the Future
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