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Camille Moore

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Adaptations

Adaptations in Long Reef Rock Platform - Angela, Emma, Camille
Neptune's Necklace
Different Adaptations
Structural Adaptations
are changes the organisms physical appearance
Behavioral Adaptations
are the things that organisms must do to survive

are adjustments within the cells or tissues of an organism
Hermit Crabs
The hermit crabs have two claws. One of them is a small claw called a feeding claw for eating the other is a large defensive claw. When the crab retreats into its shell the defensive claw seals the opening protecting the hermit inside. This claw is used for power displays between other crabs (which usually occurs when there is a shortage of shells), or to scare of other animals.
Hermit crabs have the ability to live in the shells of dead gastropods. This allows the crab to be better suited to its environment in the intertidal zone and decreases its vulnerability in the constantly changing waters protecting the hermit crab from predators
Land Hermit crabs have the developed the ability to moult. enabling it to regenerate damaged body parts. However the hermit crabs ability to regenerate depends largely upon its health.
this type of seaweed is able to attach itself to rocks. This strong attachment ensures that it won't be swept away by waves or strong currents
the Neptune's necklace has vesicles full of air which helps to keep the plant in the upright position, giving them more access to sunlight and nutrients in the water
it is able to prevent water loss, allowing it to live longer when sufficient water is not available

They have extremely hard shells. This is to protect them from predators and also prevents them drying out in the sun
Barnacles are hermaphroditic, meaning they can be either male or female. This is an advantage when there are a small amount of other barnacles around
They are able to attach themselves to rocks or a hard surface using a chemical which is produced in glands at the antennules. This prevents the barnacles from being swept off its hard surface by strong current or waves
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