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iPads for teachers

This prezi shows the basics of iPad use in the classroom.

Natalia LeMoyne

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of iPads for teachers

By Natalia LeMoyne
GCSD Instructional Technology Specialist

iPads for Teachers
iPad Basics
Outcome sentences
Parts of an iPad
Copy and pasting in iPad
iPad Functions
Lesson Planning
iPad Uses
AUP- Acceptable Use Policy
iPad Procedures
Status Bar - Tiny icons in this area provide useful information such as the time, battery level and wireless connection.
Front Camera - Useful for taking self-portraits with PhotoBooth and for connecting via FaceTime
Home - Press this button to return to the Home screen
Side Switch - This can be set to control volume or screen rotation.
Gesture Terminology
There are many different gestures you will need to use when you are working on your iPad. It is helpful if you understand the gesture terminology setup for iPad users. This is a list of these terms with a brief explanation for each.
Tap - use your fingertip to tap on the screen
ScreenPinch - place your thumb and one finger on the screen and pull them together while still touching the screen.
Swipe - touch your finger to the screen and slide it in the direction you want to go
Flick - touch your finger to the screen and quickly slide and release
Drag - place your finger on the desired location and keep it firmly pressed while moving to the new location
Multitasking Bar
Double-tap the Home button to get the multitasking bar to show. It will appear over the Dock area of the screen.
The multitasking bar shows you all of the apps that are running in the background. Swipe from right to left with your finger to see all running apps. To close a running app, press on the app until it starts to jiggle and then tap the minus sign.
Searching within your iPad
Simply swipe your finger to right until you come to a search screen.
Sticky iPad activity-
You have 60 seconds to label your iPad with the stickies on your table.
iPad's built in dictionary feature
To use the "Define" feature, simply tap and hold on a word;
until the magnifying glass comes up, let go of your finger and the options "copy" and "define" will show up on top of the word.
Capturing a Screenshot
To capture an image of your iPad screen, simultaneously hold down both the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button for almost a second. A photo of your iPad screen will be sent to your camera roll.
Frozen iPad
If your iPad is not responding (frozen), do a hard reboot by pressing the Home buttonand the Sleep/Wake button together for 10 seconds. Ignore the “slide to power off” message. The iPad will shut down. Wait a few seconds and then press the Sleep/Wake button to restart the iPad.
Passcode Lock
You can enable a passcode to access your iPad. This is a function that can prevent students from accessing your iPad without your permission
Use Side Switch to:
The Side Switch can be set to Lock Rotation of the screen or to Mute the sound on the iPad. Whichever choice you make here, the other choice will be available by revealing the Multitasking Bar (see Chapter 1: Multitasking Bar) and swiping from right to left.
Accessibility Settings
ipad has universal access features that allow the iPad to become more accessible for users with disabilities. These features are under 4 domains: Vision, hearing, learning and,physical&motor. These features are found in the settings under General>Accessibility.
Voice over: triple tap the home button and voice over will be activated ( voice over has to be enabled in settings)
Zoom: double tap with three fingers on the center of the iPad screen. ( Zoom has to be enabled in settings)
Invert colors: For color blind users and for ease of text reading. Slide switch on or off under settings.
Triple tap on home button: if switched on under settings, it allows for easy access to the features mentioned above
Organizing Apps
Nice to know about "built-in" apps
Street view is a feature of Maps that allows you to view and navigate through panoramic street level images of cities around the world. You can access street view on the Maps app by searching for a location or pressing anywhere on the map to drop a pin. Once the pin appears, tap on the red person icon in the left area of the information/address bar and you will be switched to street view. (The red person icon will be grayed out when street view is not available.)
When you are in street view, you can drag your finger to change your point of view. You can look up, down and all around! Exit street view by tapping on the circle in the lower right corner.
Attendance, Assessment and other records
File sharing and storage
Browsing the Internet
Apps for teaching

How could the iPad help you do things that you already do but more efficiently or even better?
Steve Jobs on Computers as bicycles for the mind
How to get Apps
Explore apps
Bring the iPad to school everyday
Use Splashtop to access your computer
Participate on-going professional development
Share apps, success stories and frustrations with colleagues, Tech Liaison and Instructional Tech. Specialist.
The iPads are managed at the district level by Configurator, Apple’s management tool for iPads. Our dedicated technicians are in charge of pushing new approved apps to the iPads.
Today I learned...

I still want to know...
Ask questions...that's the key to knowledge..
Don't hesitate to contact me

Thank you !
This form is located in my blog and website.
Use your Personal Apple ID ( for free and paid apps)
Fill out request form
How to get apps using your apple ID
Careful considerations:
When you use your personal Apple ID to download apps to your district teacher iPad, you can get free and paid apps (you are the responsible party when it comes to billing)
Please be careful when you want to update apps. If you click on "update all"; the iPad will attempt to update all of the apps you see on your screen and you will see a confusing pop up asking you to type the password for the district's apple ID-which was used to set up your original load of apps- You will then have to click cancel
You will only be able to update the apps that you have downloaded by clicking on each of those apps individually
When the iPads are collected at the end of the school year or when they need to be updated, the apps that you have downloaded will be wiped out from the iPad. THIS DOES NOT MEAN you have lost your free and paid apps. When you get your iPad back, you can sign in with your personal Apple ID and download your purchases again.
Let's download a free app using your Apple ID:
Use handout to create New Apple ID
tap and hold on an app icon until it wiggles. drag and hover over another app you want to group together. A folder is automatically created. To remove apps from folder, tap, hold and drag apps out of the folder.
Some recommended apps:
QR reader for iPad
For MY iPad:
For ALL teacher iPads, All student iPads or Both:
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