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No description

amenah Iqbal

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Poem!!!

prayer... Umar (R.A)'s Decade In the service of Allah, I'm made to Though grieved by the loss,
I aim to suceed. For this is the flAG,
Carried By The in LINE

and the next of his crew. LEAD, 1st Both my friends, I long to see... Rasoolullah (S.A.W) AND Abu Bakr As-Siddique I walk the day, whilst the meeting awaits I walk the day Whilst the meeting awaits,
with... Lord, My The Almighty who set my fate. Before Allah I place my need, with tears in my eyes I make my plea, I raise at night and stand for By the Prophet of Allah,
Most beloved is he. I follow the path laid out to me, Entrusted by all to maintain the creed And teach the followers, the words he preached. 2 I watch his words spreading fast amongst all. A cted through the perfomance of deeds. pon u 10 years have passed, looking I'm back today to FAJR I Pray!!! Let me die in
Madinah Let me die a
Shaheed Hoping lead but 1 there is who feels I've wronged he PLANS it THEN, though hides his intent At dawn I begin with Allah's name just then I feel a rip And I d b e n The prayer continues... I feel blood! out of me pours It taken home I s h u d e r The milk I drink, The same it is... Smiling I'm NOW My for End... is... ! T H I S ! ! d
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