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Deeksha Tandon

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Manufacturing

In general

 Area and production, which is
dependent on weather and

 Minimum Support Price

 Government policies

 Demand/consumption

 Seasonal Cycles

 International prices

Dabur India

"raw material costs in the March quarter were up
from a year earlier, and inflation would keep
margins under pressure
for the next six months."

Coal India

raised prices in February by about
, putting pressure on most steel, paper and engineering firms.

Profit margins are under severe pressure
in tea, coffee, synthetic fibres, wood products, transport equipment and fuel segments, according to
Monday, April 7, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311

What went Wrong ?
1. HSBC PMI - Purchasing Managers Index

2. IIP - Index of Industrial Production

3. WPI - Wholesale Price Index
1. Raised Prices
2. Lay Offs
3. Left Vacancies unfilled.
4. But Bigger chunk of higher costs
will be passed through to customers.

What Companies Did

Weak Growth
in 2011.
April 2011 - 2.7 %
May 2011 - 1.1 %


Negative Growth
in December 2011.
Reduced production.

75 %
increase in cost between 2009 and 2010

45 %
increase in cost from Dec 2010 to March 2011.
Food Inflation began easing in 2011.

Non Food Manufacturing Sector:
December 2010 - 6 %
February 2011 - 7.6 %
March 2011 - 8.5 %

Inflation of products NOT directly linked to primary items is transmitted by the impact of
rising money wages
and speculations for efficient
inflation management
Rise in price of oil

1. Arab oil embargo in 1973
2. The Iranian revolution in 1978-79
3.The upsurge in prices in 2011

Inflation in Britain
13.4% rise in producers’ input costs.
29% jump in the price of crude
Leap of 26.4% in prices of imported metals
Food costs climbed 11.2%.
other imported materials rose 11.4%

This worried Bank of England
This increase in input costs transferred to the customers in the form of increased customer prices.
As a result, inflation hit 3.7%, nearly twice the Bank’s target of 2%
Interest Rate
The Bank initially kept the base rate at 0.5% but soon they were left with no option but to increase them, as the economists had already predicted.
Again contributed to inflation.

Akshay Khunteta
Deeksha Tandon
Rajat Saini
Shubham Goel
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