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Portfolio- Go English Live in English

No description

Go English Live

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Portfolio- Go English Live in English

What do we have to offer
Without English I would've not gotten my job
It's getting more important everyday
Can't live with out it
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
With Teachers
Focusing your learning experience on Business
Studying English is a Must in Today's World
learn how to talk shop
Service Companies
Client Management
Suppy chain management
Production Process
client management
Organizational culture
Go English Live
Tailor made
Different Cultures
Your Future
Why ?
Let's learn
While learning with virtual and teacher help.
Blended Learning represents a great change in how we teach.

Foreign Language Consulting Service

B-mmersed applies a methodology that is based on the creation of a personalized strategy for foreign language teaching in which specific tools are used in accordance with the strengths and weaknesses of each learner.

The foundation of your learning process.
Tailor made in order to fit your preferences, meet your expectations and profit the most from all the resources available.
In English, like in any other language; people work, argue, plan, fall in love, in a word; LIVE.

Highlights best teaching practices, resulting in an efficient and optimum way of achieving the goals of learning.
Personalized strategy according to the participant’s level.
Use of dynamic teaching tools.
Different teaching scenarios.
Flexible Schedules.
Customized Methodology.
We propose that students to live English language through daily life, real time experiences.  
Recognizes the abilities of the learner regarding the foreign language, identifying his or her weaknesses and strengths.
Orients the participant in the creation of personalized strategies and continuous learning.
Applies a methodology for foreign language learning together with tutors and teaching materials.
Go English Live
I hope you enjoyed our overview of the company.
Go English live
E- learning
Toefl preperation
Grammer focus
Vocabulary review
Online class
Personalized education blending your teacher experience with online colaboration.
i need to travel to the united states this month and then i have to go to the movies with my mother. i have to go to the park after that and then move
Blended Learning allows for students with varying levels of achievement to have "individualized learning plans" created for them.

4- Student ownership- they are empowered with skills information and tools that they need to manage their own


Go English Platform
Virtual Classes
Mastery based modal
Tailor made platforms
Massive online courses
Based on the specific needs of the company
Blened learning-is an instructional model that uses
technology as a leverage to individualize instruction.
empowers students
take ownership of their own learning
teachers become facilitators
adaptive software
individual learning paths
move at their own pace.
1. Personalized- goes after the needs and the gap for every student and not as the class as a whole.
High quality blended learning
2. Mastery based learning . take out the element of time.students move on only when they show that
they have core concept , and this is great because students can decide when to demonstrate masteray not have to wait until the teacher decides to test them.
3- High expectations for students
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