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Social Media in Palestine 2013

No description

Saed Karzoun

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media in Palestine 2013

Saed Karzoun
Social Media in Palestine 2013
67.5% in Palestine use computers
1039700 Facebook users
in Palestine
49.8% of youth in Palestine do not read newspapers or magazines at all

87.2% of youth in Palestine watch television on a daily basis.
27.1 % of people listen to the radio daily
- Is it enough today to publish through TV, or Radio or newspapers, or social media? - Should I only have a FACEBOOK page, a Twitter account, YouTube or blogs? Or all of the above? - What are the Techniques of transmitting the project messages through social Media tools?- What is the importance of brochures, public meetings, direct meetings with the decision makers? Press releases?
A campaign strategy should answer the following questions:

Problem, Vision, Change
Slogans – Why do you have to know?
In 2011, the percentage of young people who own a mobile phone rose to 75.2% in the Palestine (79.4% in the West Bank against 68.5% in the Gaza Strip) compared to 34.9% in 2004. This ratio varied significantly by gender with 86.3% among males and 63.7% among females owning a mobile phone according to data of 2011.

- So use SMS for your campaigns.
- 43.0% of youth use e-mail.
Three-quarters of youth use a mobile phone.

- 24.3% of people use the internet daily.

- Data on information technology during previous years indicated that there had been a remarkable development in indicators regarding access and the use of information and communication technology among young people in the age group of 15-29 years. The data reported in 2011 showed that the

proportion of young people who use the computer was 67.5% in the Palestinian Territory (70.4% in the West Bank and 62.7% in Gaza Strip), compared with 47.6% in 2004. The gap among both sexes in using of computers narrowed to 69.8% among males compared to 65.0% among females in 2011. (According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) - 12/8/2012).
Forth: Social Media
- 87.2% of youth in the Palestinian Territory watch television on a daily basis. (According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) - 12/8/2012).
A very important media tool.

- It covers the events and broadcast it instantly.
- There is a real effort to build partnerships with the civil society organizations.
- They try to reach the marginalized and remote areas.

- The problem is that it has a Partisan nature.
- There is no media strategy in the advocacy issues and media campaigns.
- It relays the events and news but does not create it, and thus has a limited effect.
- Palestine TV station is a satellite station, and this is an important point.
Third: Television:
Just wait 
First: Clearly identify the objective of the project.
Second: Write down your mission and objective.
Third: Choose the most suitable media outlet to your mission.
Forth: Establish a clear and defined media strategy.
4 big steps
Blog is interesting for one main reason, Blogs are more searchable friendly and more attractive in term of publicity

1) Make your message as simple as possible.
2) Limit your posts on social media depending on your audience and the nature of your campaign, and the right time to be posted, preferably twice a day. 

3) Put yourself in your clients position to feel it. 
4) Engagement and Reporting is crucial to make your decisions. 
5) Be social if you want to win your customers on social media. 

6) Social media does cost time, effort and money so you better achieve your goal.
7) Never delete any negative comment from your clients, be smart to turn it to positive by providing information and directing the comments to your side. 

8) Meet your fans and appreciate their involvement on your social media tool. 
8 advices to convey your message successfully:
Before taking action, successful campaigners learn as much as possible about:

- The existing situation.
- Who is affected by the campaign issue both positively and negatively?
- What changes could improve the situation?
- What resources, tactics and tools are available to implement a campaign that will address the issue?
What is a campaign strategy?
- The wealth of information.
I- Instant Search of information.
- Speed.
- The freedom of getting the information.
- The possibility to exchange and publish ideas.
- Interactivity and productivity.
- Life = networks.
The characteristics of the Social Media:
What is Social Media?
Traditional Media + Social Media + YOUR Creativity
Successful organizations and persons
No No No No!
Social Media VS Traditional Media!?
Types of Media:
First: Journalism:
- Among 49.8% of youth aged 15-29 years in the Palestinian Territory do not read newspapers or magazines at all; 40.4% in the West Bank and 65.1% in Gaza Strip. (According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) - 12/8/2012).

- Press Releases: What happened? Who? Where? When? And Why?

- Media Conferences & personal invitations.
HERE YOU GO – Do your homework and research
Saed Karzoun Social Media & Advocacy
Smart phones and App
Public Relations + Marketing
= Social Media
Currently, there are 1039700 Facebook users in the Palestinian Territory, which makes it #81 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country. (Recording to socialbakers – 15th March 2013).
1039700 Facebook users
- 27.1% of people listen to the radio daily. (According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) - 12/8/2012).
- Radio broadcasting is considered the most popular and cheapest media tool. It doesn’t need a lot of effort or extraordinary skills.
- There are many programs that raised the level of accountability, and enhanced the awareness to the social and economic issues, and advocacy. Such as: Al Raqeeb Program, and Palestine Youth; which won the media price of 2012.
Radio Stations are widely spread in Palestine, and thus they are more influential than TV stations.
Second: Broadcasting (Radio):
Are you kidding SAED!! That’s it?
How NGO’s and non- profit organizations can use social media?
Saed Karzoun Social Media & Advocacy
Social Media project for
for positive CHANGE

Education & life

Women in Al Jiftlek
Successful YOUTUBE stories in Palestine:
How do I make myself out stand in the crowded field of blogs?
- Write about new subject or look at the subjects from a new prospective.
- Always publish accurate information.
- Separate between the news and opinions.
- Remember that the measures of a good journalistic work are:
FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, VIMEO, LinkedIn, Flickr, Photobuket, Picasa, Slide Share, Shared, ITunes, Last.FM, Socialthing, Qik.com, Live Stream, UStream, RecordPro, AudiBoo
An Idea A Project A Public Opinion An Attitude A Principle
24.3% of people use the internet daily
* PR: Is a communicative activity that aims to enhance the relation with the public, and it is a science that is build on creating mental images.
* The tasks of the Public Relations and New Media:- Searching - Planning - Implementing - Documenting.- Creating public opinions - Publishing accurate information - Building bridges - Promoting.
1- What problems are you confronting?
2- What is your vision of how the world will be, once the problem is resolved?
3- What change/s would bring about this vision?
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