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How Do I Define My Generation?

No description

Rachel Karahan

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of How Do I Define My Generation?

How Do I Define My Generation? By: Rachel Karahan
What is a Generation
A generation is all of the people born over a span of twenty or so years. A generation has three main characteristics and they are:
What is the generation of the children born in the 2010 era
The children born in this generation are lucky and have better chances of being very smart and going far in life they will over come us. Social researchers and sociologists suggest that these kids will be the most formally educated in history. This generation is called generation alpha, named after the greek alphabet the kids born in the next fifteen years will be the most taken care of materialistic wise.
My Opinion of My Generation
My generation is in good grooves but there are things that we need to clean up about. I think a lot of my generation is careless and rude, but then you have the people who actually care about what is going to happen in their life and what the world will be for their children. You have to take everything about life and turn it into something that will take you and carry you further. Most of the people of my age group are either sad, hateful, or too caring. There are a lot of ways to express yourself and I see my generation having issues doing so. I think my generation has a lot of growing up to do and getting priorities straightened out because we have the potential to have something for ourselves.
How Will I Be Remembered?
I will be remembered by those who love me, my family and friends. I will be remembered by my wicked sense of humor, and my caring soul. I will be remembered by my willingness to give all that I have to anyone that needs it, my self identity is to make other people happy because doing so makes me happy.
The experiences of the people of that generation, at a set age and time they all were able to enjoy the current events or even not enjoy them it was all about the experience.
The beliefs and actions of people are a huge factor of a general time era everything you do is shared with the rest of your generation and is also constantly changing.
Most people of a generation "self identify" themselves and are one with their culture they know and remember who they are because as generations pass your actions and you change with them.
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