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Video Games Prezi

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WMSTgroup 1216

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Video Games Prezi

Stereotypes of Women
Stereotypes of Men
· The average American household has at LEAST one dedicated game console, PC, or smartphone.
· Average age of players is 37
o 32% under 18
o 31% 18-35
o 37% 36+
o 53% male, 47 % female
o Despite the stereotype, adult women make up 30% of gamers while boys 17 years old and younger make up 18%
Who plays video games?
Women in Video Games
Mainstream Games
Alternative Games
- are usually largely advertised and easily accessible to the mainstream audience
- are usually produced by large gaming companies
- advertised in forms of commercials, seen in television shows
- most of these mainstream games usually contain some sort of misogyny, sexism, racism, and violence.
- aren’t usually portrayed in mainstream media
- usually owned by smaller or independent companies
- not heavily advertised
- usually take a different approach that usually contains less misogyny, sexism, racism, and violence.
What kinds of games are they playing?
An entire blog dedicated to video game butt shots
The Hawkeye Initiative
Sexism in the Workplace
A male games project specialist tweeted the question "Why are there so few lady game designers?" and got an outpouring of responses from frustrated female employees.
"I was told I'd be remembered not on my own merits, but by who I was or was assumed to be sleeping with," Lillian Cohen-Moore
"#1reasonwhy because when I tell people I'm a designer, I without fail get 'Really? You don't look like you play games. Guys must love you,' " Alexis De Girolami
Unequal pay:
27% income gap between men and women
Men are payed an average of $86,418
Women are payed an average of $68,062
Game Developer's Magazine 2011 salary survey
Sexual Harassment:
Women have reported instances of unwanted attention/comments, groping, and other forms of harassment by coworkers and peers
Women have witnessed costumed workers at conventions being groped
Inappropriate Settings:
It was not uncommon to host meetings in strip clubs
There was a recent controversy with Gameloft over hired Burlesque dancers
Other instances of hiring topless models or hosting parties with S&M themes...
Five Predjudices Commonly found in Video Games
1. Racism as a Gameplay Mechanic
2. Unhealthy relationships
3. Demeaning Female characters
Rape Myth Acceptance
4. There are no gay men, just lesbians
(and they can be converted):
“ Rape myths (e.g., many women secretly desire to be raped) “are attitudes and beliefs that are generally false, but are widely and persistently held and that serve to deny and justify male sexual aggression against women” (Lonsway & Fitzgerald, 1994, p. 134). Thus, rape myth acceptance is the internalization of rape myths.”
5. The fundamentals of game design make racism easier
Social Learning Theory of rape promoted through:
Perpetuation of rape myths
Modeling (imitating rape scenarios and other acts of violence against women)
Associating sexuality and violence
Desensitization to fear, pain, and humiliation of sexual assault
Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto
- 75% of boys under 17 have played a Grand Theft
Auto game even with a mature label on it
- Obvious misogynistic game play
Female Characters
Female characters are absent in 41% of games with characters

Where female characters are present:
28% of women portrayed as sex objects
21% depicted violence directed at women
Women's Roles in Making Games
There is a huge demand for women in the industry, but there aren't that many applying. Why not?
Not enough encouragement for women to get into computing sciences/engineering
Games seen as a "boy's" things
Unfriendly work environments
Women within the industry are still not applying as frequently for promotions as men
Not taught to be as confident about their abilities (women tend to wait until they have 90% of the skills required before they apply whereas men will apply with only 50% of the skills required)
How is this changing?
Red Dead Redemption
Game Workshops for young girls
With the explosion of mobile games, women are joining the industry
Women 18 and older are the fastest growing demographic of gamers, encouraging more women to consider jobs in this field
- This game is based on the Old West
- The women in this game are depicted as typical stereotypes
Misguided defense of misogyny: Men are objectified in video games too!
Look at all those beefy muscular guys!
"One is a male power fantasy, the other is a male sex fantasy, that's the problem."
Damsels in Distress
Television Interview about
Harassment in Gaming
The Girl Gamer Community
Fat, Ugly or Slutty?

gamers post the rude, degrading, insulting, and inappropriate messages they receive from other gamers. Created by an all female staff, they say it's to laugh about it.
“Came online to this lovely question.”
Why do Girl Gamers Get so Little Respect? -Jessica Cernadas:
"Girls Who Play Video Games" facebook page
girlgamer.com “a social network, community and news site for female gamers"
Gamer's Experiences
Stereotypes of Women VS
Stereotypes of Men
Misguided defense of misogyny in video games:
Men are objectified too! Look at those beefy muscular guys!
Big companies are looking for women
EA Games, for example, has made an effort, but where are the women?
Indie games are also looking for women
There are a few well known men designers, but hardly any women
Women making alternative, indie games
An entry point for women where they can skip the "usual" process
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