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IP Spoofing Detection Approach(ISDA)for Network Intrusion Detection System

No description

omkar mane

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of IP Spoofing Detection Approach(ISDA)for Network Intrusion Detection System

IP Spoofing Detection Approach(ISDA)
for Network Intrusion Detection System Problem Statement Conclusion is here Packets sent using the IP protocol include the IP address of the sending host
The recipient directs replies
to the sender using this source address
However, the correctness of this
address is not verified by the protocol.

The IP protocol specifies no method for validating the authenticity of the packet’s source.
This implies that an attacker can forge the source address to be any desired Presented by
Omkar Mane 46
Rajesh V. 70
Sajiv Nair 50
Jagdish Panda 52

Project Guide :
Mr. Tayyabali Sayyad Introduction
Problem Statement
Ip Spoofing
concept Of Spoofing
Attack Of Spoofing
Detection Of Spoofing
Methods Of Detection
Conclusion Area of project Network Security

IP spoofing as a method of attacking a network
Build a system which will be able to find IP Spoofed Packets so that it can be incorporated with Some other IDS Systems
IP Spoofing
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