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Chinese Immigrants in New Zealand

No description

Elvira Yang

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Immigrants in New Zealand

New Zealand has been the destination of many immigrant groups from all over the world since the 1900's.

China is an overpopulated country with numbers of over 1.35 mil and growing and the Chinese population in New Zealand has increased over the years.

Chinese culture has become a big part of the Auckland society today and has made this city culturally diverse.

China has always had the problem of overpopulation, but immigration in those times was a big risk, as transportation is not as advanced as it in now. Back then, only brave strong men from China would take a chance, sailing miles to other countries, hoping to find a better future.The first large group of Chinese immigrants migrated to New Zealand for the gold mines in Otago back in the 1800’s. In more recent years, the Chinese have immigrated to New Zealand in search for a better life and future for their children, as education in China can be too strict and too study-based, while New Zealand is more focused on learning life skills and finding your interests and strengths. Chinese asylum seekers also try to find refuge in New Zealand, as it is known for its religious freedom. Chinese people seeking for asylum in other countries can be a result of fear for future persecution or being outlawed by the Communist party. China has a one-child rule, and when the rule is violated, the offender can be badly punished. If caught, that is. Because of that, woman and their families often seek asylum in other countries, hoping to get in with the reason of an unborn child. New Zealand is a popular destination for outlawed asylum seekers since New Zealand, unlike some other countries, does not give compulsory detention to them.
Why they decided to immigrate to NZ

The Chinese have a lot of value in education and academics. Their beliefs are in educating their children so that they will succeed with great academic achievement which is the Chineses’ view to having a better future and therefore a better life. Chinese-born parents are thought to be more strict since they were brought up with strict rules. Values in this include: (academic) success, intelligence, and determination.As stereotypical as it is, it is in Chinese culture to treasure knowledge and learning, although some might disagree with the intensity of China’s education system. They are also very hard working and are persistent to succeed. They have a strong respect towards family, and make sure to visit their family occasionally even if they live overseas. Theres even a famous Chinese saying - “A peaceful family will prosper (jiahe wanshi xing)”. This produces values of courtesy, integrity, honesty, and loyalty. A quality I am quite aware of is reciprocity (giving back); a quality which Chinese people will always live by. They always like to reciprocate
favours and kind gestures that they receive. E.g. During dinners with
other families, everyone would argue over who would pay, and if they
did, then we would try pay for them the next time.
Important values Chinese immigrants brought with them
As more and more Chinese have immigrated to New Zealand, they have retained their cultural identity by organising Chinese festivals and decorating local areas and shops accordingly. The Auckland Chinese community has been growing since. The Chinese New Year is a huge festival celebrated all over Auckland, seeing as there are lots of Chinese living here. We celebrate Chinese New Year by having a huge feast on the night - my mum even comes home early to help make all the traditional food such as dumplings, roast duck, fish balls etc. At night, we stay up late to watch the live Chinese New Year show on Chinese TV. It has comedy skits, all sorts of performances, magic, and more. Auckland also hosts many annual events dedicated to traditional Chinese festivals such as the Chinese New Year Festival and Market Day. Another very big event held in Auckland every year is the Lantern Festival, where people of all cultures gather in city to celebrate the Chinese culture. It marks the last day of the lunar year where people hang lanterns up. There isn't one story to explain why lanterns are hung, but there are many different origin legends that have been passed down. People
in Auckland can enjoy tradition Chinese food anywhere they go. These
traditional foods expresses different values and hopes. With so many people
from China living in New Zealand, it's not a difficulty to keep their
cultural identity.

How they have retained their cultural identity
Auckland celebrates many festivals and events that aren't necessarily of just New Zealand culture. Some of these events are focusing on one specific cultural festival, like the Chinese lantern festival, and others appreciating ones from all over the world, such as the Polyfest where there are traditional performances from all over the world. There are many shops in Auckland dedicated to food from a specific culture - ranging from Chinese to Italian; from Malaysian to Turkish. Being the largest city of a multicultural country, we accept all cultures and don't discriminate as much as some other countries. We celebrate all cultures and strive for equality. There is less bullying than in countries such as the US.
People still judge and make assumptions depending on peoples'
cultures but it generally isn't all that bad. I think it's because
of this multi-cultural diversity that New Zealand is more
accepting to differences.
How Auckland has changed as a result of cultural diversity
Throughout Auckland, there are lots of Chinese restaurants, Chinese food shops, and Chinese supermarkets. Chinese is one of many cultures in Auckland and
has made Auckland more multi-cultural with all the shops and restaurants that there are. This gives more cultural variety in Auckland. They make Auckland more multi-cultural with events that decorate Auckland with a taste of the Chinese culture. More and more Chinese people are immigrating to New Zealand.
How the Chinese have made Auckland more multi-cultural
Maori-Chinese interactions
Video (and pictures)
Chinese Immigrants in New Zealand
-Elvira Yang
Chinese shops/restaurants on Dominion Rd Mt Eden
Lantern festival in Albert Park
Dragon dance
Chinese searching for gold in Otago 1800's
Dragon dance
Chinese asylum seekers
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