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"Red Wheel Barrow"

No description

selena flores

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of "Red Wheel Barrow"

Because so much depends on the
Red Wheel Barrow... Uncovering a Difficult Text Red Wheelbarrow for your time...
We hope you learned something today. Thank You Uncovering a Difficult Text The Literary Devices in this poem is a metaphor. We can use a metaphor to understand this poem because if learn what a metaphor is and how they are using it we can identify the meaning. Literary Devices:
A Literary Device is a type of effect such as speech, narrative style, and plot mechanism.

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
chickens. Annotation Summary: In the poem "Red Wheel Barrow" William Carlos Williams, explains how everything depends on the Red Wheelbarrow. What others say... The Red Wheelbarrow
by William Carlos Williams Biography Approach Vocabulary Glazed
Guess: Top icing
1.Fit panes of glass into (a window or doorframe or similar structure).
2. Cover with a glaze or similar finish: "glazed in butter". Depends
Guess: to need someone
1.Be controlled or determined by.
2. Rely on. In the poem "Red Wheelbarrow" William Carlos Williams explains how it is depended a lot by others. Why is the Red Wheelbarrow
depended on? Questions What does William mean when he is talking about the Red Wheelbarrow? Born
September 7,1883. Selena: I feel like a Red Wheelbarrow because my parents depend a lot on me. I am depended on taking care my brothers at home and to keep peace. Connections Raise in
Rutherford studied at the University of Pennsylvania Odalyz: I feel like a Red Wheelbarrow because my mom expects a lot from me. John: I feel like a Red Wheelbarrow
because I like getting wet when there is rain. Reactions took alot of litterature classes We reacted in a sad mood because the Red Wheelbarrow is depended on a lot and if it is anything like us, I know how it feels when people expect a lot from us. Also, we reacted in a sad mood because it is depended on a lot yet it is left a lone in the rain. William Carlos Williams was born in September 7,1883
He was raised in Rutherford. He studied at In this project we learned how to read and understand a Hard Text. In order for us to understand a hard text we have to annotate, read the author's background and find the story's literary device. Quote: According to William Carlos Williams and his poem "Red Wheelbarrow", "So much depends upon, a red wheelbarrow" Paraphrase: According to William Carlos Williams and his poem "Red Wheelbarrow" the red wheelbarrow was glazed with rain.
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