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Bone Fracture Repair

Starts with the concept of the Bone Remodeling Cycle, and then continues with some information about what Bone Fracture Repair is.

Cody Violette

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Bone Fracture Repair

Bone Fracture Repair Information gathered by Cody Violette
Bone F.G.R What is it? How does it work? How is it involved? Formation
Remodeling F: Cartilage as models. Ossification- Hylex cartilage
is covered in bone matrix, by
osteoblasts. G: Osteoblasts add bone,
while osteoclasts remove it.
F: Forming the bones R: Helps keep strength
and proportions. G: Allows bones to
grow with the body. Controlled by hormones. R: Osteoblasts layed down
new bone matrix, and get
trapped to become osteocytes. The process of bone formation, growth, and remodeling
aid in the process of bone fracture repair. Bone formation and growth help create the structures and allow the bones to develop. Remodeling helps prevent breaks, because it strengthens the bones. What happens when bones break?
1. Hematoma forms 2. Break is splinted by
fibrocartilage callus. 3. Bony callus forms.
4. Bone remodeling occurs.
Different types of bone fracture repair

Casting Open Reduction
(Internal Fixator) Open Reduction
(External Fixator) How is bone fracture repair performed? Use of Anesthesia Antibiotics Pain Medictaions Fixation depends on: Severity of break

Doctor's outlook

-Always possible second opinion Casting Open Reduction Anasthesia

Small surgical cuts to insert
pins, screws, plates

In external, pins stick out far
to apply the fixator

In internal, the pin is placed
in the bone Area is cleaned

Broken area (ex. arm) is covered
in gauze.

Fiberglass is layed over the area,
which then hardens. How does the process work,
and how is it benficial? If too much bone is lost,
bone graft may occur.

Broken vessels are burned
(cauterized) The hardware is surgically implanted.

Hardware helps to keep the bone stable.

Increases the healing rate

Helps with early mobility, and can help better

May not always get removed. Different types of fractures
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