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Chapter Xll

No description

richard querubin

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Chapter Xll

Chapter XIII
The Women of Jose Rizal

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Reporters of Chapter Xlll
At Sta. Cruz Laguna.
Several Women of Different Places.
Jose Rizal's first love at 16.
Segunda Katigbak
Shortly after losing Segunda Katigbak he meet another girl whom he called in his student memoirs as Miss L. Jose described her as fair with Seductive and Attractive eyes.
Jose Rizal's Love in his 2nd year at UST.
Leonor Valenzuela
February 22, 1889
-Letter to the young Women of Malolos-
Jose Rizal's Love for 11 years. He is Rizal's true love and reflected as Maria Clara in Noli Me Tangere.
Leonor Rivera
*He returned to Philippines he failed to see her, Although he wanted to go to Dagupan where she was staying.
Jose Rizal's Ladylove in Spain.
Consuelo Ortiga y Perez
Jose Rizal's ladylove in Japan.
Seiko Usui(o-Sei-San)
Jose Rizal's ladylove in London.
Gertrude Beckett
Jose Rizal's ladylove in Biarritz.
Nellie Bousted
Jose Rizal's ladylove in Brussels.
Suzanne Jacoby
Jose Rizal's ladylove in Dapitan.
Josephine Bracken
The End........
"No good water comes from a muddy spring.
No sweet fruit comes from a bitter seed".
He loves his mother so much that when she was unjustly imprisoned and incarcerated.
Rizal grieved so much that deeply affected his life as well his studies.
Aside from his mother, Rizal was not complete without his romantic interlude to
*was a pretty 14-year old young girl from Lipa, Batangas whom Jose met during one of his visits to the maternal grandmother in Trozo, Manila. Segunda happened to be a close friend of his sister Olympia. Apparently, it was love at first sight to both Jose and Segunda.
*Rizal was a frequent visitor in the Valuenzuela home especially during special occasions where he was most popular because of his clever sleigh of the hand tricks. Using his knowledge in chemistry, he courted Leonor strangely, their romance ended without proposing marriage to Orang.
*The next romance of Rizal's a cousin from Camiling Tarlac. For Jose this young lady Leonor was a beauty: light skin almost white; wavy hair, almost blond, small and gracious mouth; large, dark eyes shaded by long eyelashes; nose of correct profile, a smile tinged with two glad dimples in the cheeks. She is a "tender as budding flower with kindly and wistful eyes." Beautiful love sprang between the two. And eventually, they became engaged. To hide their relationship from their parents and friends, Leonor used a pen name "Taimis" in her letters to Jose. After his fourth year in medical studies, Rizal decided to go to Spain for further studies which he made it a secret to Leonor Rivera. Instead he wrote a letter for Leonor which was delivered shortly after he had sailed away. Leonor was deeply hurt. Jose received a letter from his sister Pangoy telling him that Leonor was unhappy and was getting thinner.
*Jose Rizal was in Madrid felling bitterly with so many disappointments, he received a letter from Leonor Rivera telling him of her mirriage to an English Engineer Charles Kipping and asked for forgiveness.
*he was attracted to this beautiful and vivacious young daughter of Don Pablo Ortiga y Perez, a former Mayor of Manila. His love with Consuelo did not blossom in a serious affair for two reasons: he was still engaged to Leonor Rivera and his friend, and a member in the Propaganda Movement, Eduardo de Lete, was deeply in love with Consuelo, and did not want to break their friendship over a girl.
*He saw in her the qualities of an ideal woman - beauty, charm, modesty, and intelligence. Eventually, Jose fell in love with her. She was also impressed of Rizal's gallant and gentleman manner that she too fallen in love with him. Rizal was almost tempted to settle down in Japan. His strong desire to help his people was stronger so he bade farewell to the lovely O-Sei-San.
Rizal didn't know if he can have another one like that in all his life.
*After his visit in the United States, Jose had lived in London. He boarded with the Becket family where he meet Gertrude, the oldest of the four sisters. Gertie tried her best to make Jose happy and comfortable with her, showering him all her attention and care.
*Although Madrid maybe consider one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Jose had so many disappointments and sad experiences in the City.
*Jose was entertained by Nelly's affection and charming beauty. He found her to be a real "Filipina". Highly intelligent, vivacious in temperament and morally upright. This time he proposed marriage to Nelly. However, Rizal's marriage proposed did not materialize for two reasons: he refused to give up his Catholic faith and be converted to Protestantism, Nelly was a Protestant and Nelly's mother disapproved Rizal as his son-in-law. Although Jose and Nelly could not get married, they parted as friends.
* because of the highcost of living in Paris, Rizal moved to Brussels.
*Rizal boarded in the house of two Jacoby sisters where he meet Suzanne Jacoby. She was lovely niece of the Jacoby sisters. After several meetings, Jose Rizal and Suzanne had fallen deeply in love with each other. It was a short Sojourn in Brussels so Rizal has to leave the place. Suzanne grieved and cried so much when Rizal left the place. When he was already in Madrid, Suzanne wrote him, stating, "I feel very unhappy thinking that perhaps i might never see you again".
*Rizal felt so lonely that something had been missing in his life. After a day of hard work, he felt sad. He missed his family and relatives, good friends in Calamba and in foreign lands, his happy and memorable days in Europe, but most painful of all was the death of Leonor Rivera.
In his solitary life during his exile in Dapitan.
*was described as slender, a chestnut blonde, with eyes, dressed with elegant simplicity, with an atmosphere of light gaiety. Jose and Josephine fell in love and after a whirlwind engagement, they decided to get married. Since there was no priest to marry them, they married themselves before the eyes of God; holding both of their hands, they made their vows before God.
Shortly after losing Segunda Katigbak.
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