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josephine clark

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of moon

OF THE MOON THE FIRST MOON PHASE The first moon phase is ... The second moon phase If you have seen any Dream works animation films, it usually has a boy fishing on the moon as the dream works symbol. The moon in the picture (below) is the second moon phase. The fourth moon phase This moon phase is again, like the boy fishing on the moon, but it is flipped almost like a reflection. The third moon phase The third moon phase is like the full moon, but darker than the actual full moon. The fifth moon phase The fifth moon phase is identical to the first phase moon, but again a reflection. First Quarter Waxing Crescent New Moon Waning Crescent Third Quarter Waning Gibbous Full Moon Waxing Gibbous THE END The moon's phases aren't seen exactly at the same time every single month because the moon's orbit is not exactly one month.
The moon orbits the earth once every 28 days, that is also why we only have a full moon once a month. The phases of the moon are caused by the different locations of the moon in relation to where it is in it's orbit around the earth. The first moon phase is like the moon and half of it is covered with shadow and looks like a multi-colored, bumpy sphere. The sixth moon phase The seventh moon phase The last moon phase The name of the moon phase is... The name of this moon is... darker The name of this moon phase is... The fifth moon phase is... The sixth moon phase is the dark part of the waxing crescent moon lighted up while darkening the place that would be lighted up on the waxing crescent moon. STILL NO PHOTO AVAILABLE The sixth moon phase is... The seventh moon phase is... The seventh moon phase is the time when wolfs come out and howl. AWOOOOOOOOO Is the same thing as phase six but the opposite-reflection. NO PHOTO
AVAILABLE The name of the last phase is called...
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