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dreams & goals

No description

keira quemby

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of dreams & goals

Home & Family
Education & Work
I hope to attend the University Of Toronto, for their Master of Teaching in Elementary and Secondary Education Graduate Program. After I have lived in the city for at least a year.

After that I hope to get into the tldsb system and work as a supply until I can get a full time teaching job. I will move back to Muskoka until I decide what I want to do with my career later in life.
Community Involvement & Free Time
I am currently a part of the Mormon Church here in Bracebridge and hope to be going on a mission trip in the fall of 2015 to go to a village in Guatemala and help the people who live their build a more sustainable life.
Renting Vs. Buying your own place

You can invest $ somewhere else
You can move easier and faster
Time to establish credit

dreams & goals
I hope to be as far away from my family as possible, I don't care how many children I have, as long as I am financially stable enough and I want lots of cats. If my boyfriend/husband loves cats even half as much as I do then I will consider him living with me.
I want to start off living in a decently priced apartment in the city with my bestfriend. Preferably in Toronto. I want to work at a fun 9-5 job that is just a short subway ride away.
I'm going to continue on a mindful path in my life and join a mindful Yoga class close to where I live, it'll help me be social, mindful, and healthy.
Build equity
Submit tax deductions
Have creative control
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