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Solar Oven

No description

Eng Mahmoud

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Solar Oven

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Supervisor:Dr. Munzer Obaid
Mohsen H. Al-baddawi
Mahmoud F. Kaddoura Design,Build and Test of An Efficient Solar Oven Contents Aim of The Project THANK YOU FOR LISTENING

IF U HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO ASK Design Of Solar Oven Solar Oven -Introduction
-Solar Oven
-Design of Solar Oven What IS Solar Cooker Types of Solar Cooker To design , build and test a portable efficient solar cooker to be applied in Jordan Introduction Design Parameters Assumptions Materials Box materials: Outer box: steel sheat metal
Inner box: steel sheet metal
Fiberglass insulation Calculations Cover materials: Steel frame
Glass mirror Double glazing Rubber isolated Final Design of solar oven Solar cooker is a system used to cook or dry food using only solar radiation Concentrators Using Light From above frensel lens Using Light From below parabolic concentrator Box-Type Solar Cooker
(solar oven) Parts of Solar Oven Heat Retention Box - It consists of an outer case and inner box with organic fiberglass insulation between the two boxes. Glass window Reflector - Could be polished metal or glass mirror Theory of Solar Oven -There are four principles for an effective solar oven Concentration -reflector is responsible for consentration Absorption -The inner box is painted with special black paint that endures high heat Retention -Which is conserving the heat inside the box Transparency -A window for the solar radiation to enter the oven Heat Gain Heat loss from walls and floor Heat loss from glazing Solar Oven Effeciency Solar Oven calculator Difficulties Recommendations
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