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Cheyenn West

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Band

WARRIORS High School
Marching and Concert Band 2012-2013 Schedule Date Event Performance Time Thursday, October 25 Football Halftime Show 7:00 pm Saturday, November 3 KMEA SC District Honor
Band Auditions
@ Andover Central TBA Tuesday, November 6 WSL HS Instrumental
Honors Concert at Goessel 7:00 pm Monday, November 12 Salute to Veterans Program 2:00 pm Saturday, November 17 Towne West Christmas Parade
in Wichita 1:00 am Tuesday, November 27 Christmas Parade in Emporia 6:30 pm Saturday, December 1 KMEA SC District HS Honor Band
-location TBA TBA Tuesday, December 11 Basketball Pep Band 6:30 pm Friday, December 14 Basketball Pep Band 6:30 pm Monday, December 17 Christmas Concert 7:00 pm Tuesday, December 18 Basketball Pep Band 6:30 pm Friday, January 11 Basketball Pep Band 6:30 pm Friday, January 25 -
Sunday, January 27 KSU Concert Band Clinic Tuesday, February 5 TBA Basketball Pep Band 6:30 pm Friday, February 8 Basketball Pep Band - Homecoming 6:30 pm Friday, February 12 Basketball Pep Band 6:30 pm Thursday, February 21
-Saturday, February 23 KMEA State Honor Band In Wichita TBA Bass Clarinets Thomas Davis-Beam
Cheyenn West Thursday, March 29 Faculty/Staff Recital 7:00 pm Saturday, April 6 Regional Solo and Small Ensemble
Festival at Tabor TBA Wednesday, April 17 State Large Group Festival at Haven TBA Saturday, April 27 State Solos and Small Ensemble
Festival at Kansas Wesleyan University TBA Friday, May 10 All Schools Day Parade in McPherson 10:30 am Tuesday, May 14 Band BBQ and Spring Music
Extravaganza 6:00 pm Saturday, May 26 Operation Celebration Parade in Peabody TBA Monday, May 27 Memorial Day Service at Prarie
Lawn Cemetery, Peabody 10:00 am Emma Charles
Cody Navrat
Seth Topham Percussion Ryan Bayes
Rachelle Cooper
Brandon Entz
Josh Morgan
Christopher Terronez
Zachary Preheim Peabody-Burns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1. Tracy Henry, Christa Elliott, Josh Morgan, April Newfield, Corbin Rives and Cody Navrat.
2. Drum Major Emma Charles, Cheyene Shaw, Lily Harris, Katy Benson, Mackenzie Young, Caroline Beal, Saje Bayes, Brandon Woodruff, Zach Preheim, Rachelle Cooper and Jayden Hutchison.
3. Christa Elliott, Josh Morgan, April Newfield, Corbin Rives and Cody Navrat.
4. Lily Harris.
5. Brandon Woodruff.
6. Friday night football in Peabody, with the band on the field, football team and cheerleaders, eyes on the flag for the National Anthem.
7. Tracy Henry.
8. Christa Elliott.
9. Cheyenn West, Brandon Woodruff, Rachelle Cooper and Thomas Davis-Beam.
10. Director Mr. Steve Wilson has the band warm up prior to taking the field. Warrior Marching Band PBHS Top Row, Left: 2012-13 Flag Girls, Cierra Foth, Alyssa Brooks, McKenzie Ensminger and Jordan Gibson.
Top Row, Right: Cierra Foth, Jordan Gibson, McKenzie Ensminger and Alyssa Brooks, follow banner carrier Katie Charles as they lead the band down Main St. in Marion for the Old Settlers Day Parade.
Bottom Row, Left: The PBHS Marching Band and Flags perform during halftime of a football game. Cierra Foth McKenzie Ensminger Jordan Gibson Alyssa Brooks Parades Old Settlers Day, Marion All Schools Day Parade, McPherson Top Row, Left: Brandon Entz.
Top Row, Center Left: Madison Foth and Emma Schroeder lead the high school band in the McPherson parade.
Top Row, Center Right: Saje Bayes.
Top Row, Right: Emma Charles, drum major, leads the band down the street.
Middle Row: The band begins the trek down Main St. during the Old Settlers Day Parade in Marion. Bottom Row, Left: Brandon Entz, Josh Morgan, Chris Terronez and Rachelle Cooper.
Bottom Row, Center Left: Christa Elliott, April Newfield and Katie Benson.
Bottom Row, Center Right: Zachary Preheim, Cheyenn West, April Newfield, Mackenzie Young, Katy Benson and Cody Navrat.
Bottom Row, Right: Zach Preheim, Ja'Qwan Abbott-Chappelle and Dakota Reynolds. Warrior Band Front Row: Cierra Foth, Caroline Beal, Jordan Gibson, Katy Benson, Cheyene Shaw, Lily Harris, Mackenzie Young, Thomas Davis-Beam and Cheyenn West.
Second Row: Christa Elliott, April Newfield, McKenzie Ensminger, Alyssa Brooks, Corbin Rives, Genaka Menjivar, Seth Topham, Cody Navrat and Emma Charles.
Third Row: Jayden Hutchison, Brandon Woodruff, Saje Bayes, Dakota Reynolds, Nick Preheim, Tracy Henry, and Ja'Qwan Abbott-Chappell.
Fourth Row: Ryan Bayes, Brandon Entz, Josh Morgan, Rachelle Cooper, Zachary Preheim and Director Mr. Steve Wilson. Top Row, Left: The band stands as Director Mr. Steve Wilson enters the gymnatorium.
Top Row, Center: Christopher Terronez.
Top Row, Right: Ryan Bayes.
Middle Row, Left: Front Row, McKenzie Ensminger, Alyssa Brooks and Corbin Rives. Back Row, April Newfield, Christa Elliott and Nick Preheim.
Middle Row, Center: The PBHS Band under the direction of Mr. Steve Wilson.
Middle Row, Right: Zachary Preheim.
Bottom Row, Left: Rachelle Cooper.
Bottom Row, Right: Mr. Steve Wilson directs the band. Fall Concert Christmas Concert Top Row, Left: Seth Topham.
Top Row, Center: Flag girls lead in the marching band as they play Christmas songs that they featured at the Wichita West Mall.
Top Row, Right: It isn't Christmas until the PBHS Christmas Concert has been performed and the shadow boxes have been filled with PBES students and the Christmas Story has been read.
Bottom Row, Left: Zachary Preheim.
Bottom Row, Center Left: Genaka Menjivar.
Bottom Row, Center Right: Emma Charles follows flag girl Alyssa Brooks as she leads the band around the gym.
Bottom Row, Right: Superintendent Mr. Ron Traxson was this years narrator and the soloist, Mrs. Shelby Unruh. BAND EXTRAVAGANZA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1. cheyene Shaw, Katy Benson, Thomas Davis-Beam and Cheyenn West.
2. Christopher Terronez.
3. McKenzie Ensminger.
4. Cierra Foth.
5. Zachary Preheim.
6. Senior band members receive special recognition from band director Mr. Steve Wilson.
7. The evening begins with The National Anthem perform by the high school band.
8. PBHS Band.
9. Seth Topham applauds as McKenzie Ensminger is announced as the "John Philip Sousa" outstanding band member. Seth and Saje Bays were also both nominated.
10. Thomas Davis-Beam plays with one hand and wipes sweat off his brow with the other hand.
11. Mr. Steve Wilson tries out a microphone that the Senior band members gave him.
12. PBHS Band.
13. A future band member tries on the jacket of Lily Harris.
14. McKenzie Ensminger photo-bombs Emma Charles.
15. Seth Topham presents Mrs. Steve Wilson with a 2L bottle of Coke.
16. Zachary Preheim demonstates one of the wands, a gift from the Seniors, that Mr. Steve Wilson could use to direct the band. Baritone Saxaphone Christa Elliott
Emma Charles Flute Cierra Foth
Caroline Beal
Jordan Gibson Trombone Tracy Henry Piccolo Caroline Beal Christa Elliott
April Newfield Tenor Saxaphone Clarinet Katy Benson
Mackenzie Young
Lily Harris
Cheyene Shaw Alto Saxaphone Corbin Rives
Genaka Menjivar
Alyssa Brooks
McKenzie Ensminger Nicholas Preheim Baritone Trumpet Saye Bayes
Jaydin Hutchison
Dakota Reynolds
Brandon Woodruff
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