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Science vs. Religion

No description

Elizabeth Lelonek

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Science vs. Religion

Science vs. Religion
Science- study of the natural order and involves discovery and recording of natural phenomena
Idea 2
The Actual Relationship
Religion provides the framework in which science can thrive.
Religion can help to judge between equal scientific theories when there is no experiment to prove which one is better.
Science can sometimes explain religious beliefs by coming up with explanations of how God created things.
Religion-involves faith and worship of a supreme being
The Hostility Theory
Seen as hostile towards each other
One side makes claims that the other side denies, and visa versa
Science discredits religion and the Church is anti-science
Newton and Mechanism
Newton found a way through mechanical means to model the behavior of celestial bodies, such as the earth's orbit around the sun.
Some people saw the discovery as an argument for atheism. If God is not needed to explain the behavior of the world then he does not need to exist.
Others saw the idea of the universe as an enormous machine, as a strong argument for theism, because a finely crafted universe would have to be created by a supreme being.
Harmony Theory
Many people think they are in harmony with one another.
Religion can have a positive impact on science, like the development of medical ethics.
Early scientists and many scientists today are Christians.
Christians are happy when science makes discoveries because it shows God in our world.
Indifference Theory
Feeling that science and religion are totally unrelated to each other
Science is concerned with the classification of empirical observations.
Religion deals with ethics, rituals, and propositions.
Science deals with facts

Religion deals with faith

Science and religion have discovered that they have important mutual interests and important contributions to make to each other.

Three Theories about the Relationship of Science and Religion
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