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Airplanes In WWI

How and Why Airplanes were used during the Great War

Hanna Ellis

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Airplanes In WWI

Hanna and Maddie Airplanes in WWI. First uses of airplanes... First time airplanes were used in warfare.
At first, they were for surveillance to look for enemy artillery and hideouts.
Two people were in the planes at once. Turbulence is occurring, hold please. After bombs were placed into airplanes, dog fights began.
A dogfight is when airplanes are firing at each other in the air.
Later on machine guns were added to the planes. Different designs for planes... Pros and cons of the airplanes. Pros: There were 3 different designs for airplanes when machine guns were finally added to them.
Design 1 - placed the gun in the center of the nosecone, firing through the center or the propeller
Design 2 - had metal deflectors on the propeller blades to ricochet any bullets that hit the propeller
Design 3 - a machine gun mounted in the nose that timed its shots to fire so the bullet fired when a propeller blade was not in front of the gun.
Over 70 types of planes have been made.
Surveying from higher elevations
Faster way of transferring information.
Transport supplies Cons: Hard to find landing sites
Certain types were unstable, or incorrectly built.
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