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Greek Mythology

No description

Corey Robertson

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology
Embark on a fascinating journey. Learn about gods and goddesses of ancient times. If you read this, you'll know about six gods and goddesses and about their important role in greek mythology.
Wild boar. He has a connection to the serpent, owls (like Athena) and vultures.

Ares throne was made of ugly brass, with human skull knobs
and a human skin cushion.
Ares is normally seen in shining armor
carrying a sword or spear and a shield.
Also he normally wears a helmet. He rides in a chariot steered by his sons or daughters, (like Fear,Terror or Panic).
god of Sea
The horse and trident.
With the second-largest
throne, Poseidon has it
decorated with coral,
gold and pearls. He sat
on sleek seal skin.
Poseidon, like his brother Zeus, is seen
in a white silk toga (a dress for men) but
carries a trident. He has a white beard.
Instead of horses, his chariot is pulled by hippocampus (fish horses).
Personal Life
Poseidon married different wives
one of them is Medusa. Their
son's were Chrysoar and Pegusus
(the second fastest horse in the world).
god of, War, Bloodlust,
Murder and Cannibals
god of, the sky and heavens
Zeus symbols include the oak tree,
eagle, and thunderbolt
Zeus' throne is made out of yellow egyptian marble, meaning it's naturaly cold. Zeus put a purple rams fleece over the chair. If he shook it, rain would fall. Seven steps lead up to Zeus' throne, each one is a color of the rainbow. On his left arm is an eagle.
Zeus normally wears a white silk toga,
a crown of olive branches and a thunderbolt
in his hand. Zeus normally stays
at Olympus.
Personal Life
Zeus had alot of wives and offspring. One of his many children was Hercules.
So you think your journey is over? But is it really? There are many greek gods and goddesses, that was only six. So the question remains will you continue on your journey in learning about Greek mythology?
goddess of crafts and wisdom
Athena has a connection to the
owl (like Ares) and olive tree.
Athena always has her armor
on her. She carries a sword or
spear and shield. Athena has bested
her brother Ares many times.
goddess of witchcraft, sorcery,
crossroads and magic
The paired torches, keys,
daggers and crossroads are
Hecates symbols.
Hecate has pale skin and carries
torches in her hands. She also has
long black hair. Hecate is very
untrustworthy. She has a connection
to dogs. Also she has a connection
to children of Hades who are capable
of doing magic.
Personal Life
She had one child name
Skylla for Porkys.
Ares was so foolish to side with the
Trojans (he was trying to
make a good impression on his girlfriend
Aphrodite) in the Trojan v.s. Greek war that
he charged on Athena. Luckily for Athena (unfortunately for Ares) she hit him on
the head with a rock. Trust me it gets
worse from there, Ares decided to
complain to Zeus (yes he went
crying to daddy). But Zeus simply dismissed
it like it was nothing. So Ares got a
pretty big bruise in his pride when
he just wanted to impress
his girlfriend.
Posiedon was very lonely for a time,
he made raging storms just because
he was in a bad mood. Then he set to
find wife and then he saw the most
beautifal mermaid he had ever seen
named Amphrimite. At once he
immediatly asked for a marriage proposal
when she said no (that's right she said no
to a god) she ran away to Atlas mountain.
But Poseidon didn't stop there he sent the king of the dolphins to find Amphrimite and beg her to become his wife. When the dolphin king reached Amphrimite he begged and finally she surrenderd to Poseidon.
Athena was born by a thought from Zeus head. Just like that she sprang from his head in full armor a spear and shield in her hands.
Once she spotted a city called Athen. Unfortunatley for Athena, Poseidon spotted the city to. They each qaurelled many times. Finally they decided wichever one gave the best gift to the Athens would get the city. Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and with that a geyser of water shot from the ground. The Athens found this water to be saltwater and undrinkable,at that they awaited Athena's gift. Athena struck the ground with her spear then she placed an olive branch over it and by doing that an olive tree grew. The tree represented peace over the earth. The Athens gave there city to Athena wich she named after herself. Poseidon was all but happy about this and put a curse so that the ciy would never had enough water, a problem that stil continues today.
Hecate is most popular for helping Demeter
find Peresphone when Hades kidnapped her and brought her to the underworld. Hecate was holding up her torches in the dark so Demeter could see. Hecate claimed to have had heard Persphone scream but didn't see who took her. She suggested asking Helios (god of the sun) to see if he had seen anything. When Hecate had finally found Peresphone they became great friends.
The symbols of Nike include strength,
speed and victory.
Nike has feathered wings. She is
quick to choose sides and seen on
the outstreched hand of Athena
in the Parthenon. Nike will also
carry a wreath or a sash to crown the
victor. She often is seen in the
Gigantomachia driving the chariot of Zeus.
Nike was Zeus' charioteer in the Titan war.
She also flew around the battlefield blessing
victors with fame and glory. When Typhoeus
attacked Olympus all of the other Gods and Goddesss fled leaving Zeus alone (except for Athena). But Nike came and encourged him and helped him by holding up his shield.
Zeus was son of Rhea and Kronos (there
are many ways to spell Kronos like Cronus).
Kronos knew that when his wife had children one of them would try to kill him so he tried to prevent that by eating almost each and every one. But Rhea gave birth to Zeus and hid him. She then gave Kronos a rock to eat. Once he grew up to be a big strong boy he picked up the sythe used to destroy his grandfather Ouranos wielded in the hands of Kronos himself. He persauded Rhea to
give Kronos a special concoction that would make him go to sleep. In his sleep Kronos was cut into pieces thrown into Tartarus and the ocean. The pieces thrown in the
ocean created the sea foam that Aphrodite goddess of
beauty was born from.
Athena's throne is made of silver.
Since Athena is the goddess of
crafts on the back of her throne
are gold baskets. There
was a violet crown
made of lapis- lazuli.
By Jordan Robertson
goddess of, victory,
Personal Life
Nike has 3 other siblings named
Zelus (Rivalry), Bia (Force) and
Kratos (Strength). There mother was
the goddess of the river Styx and
there faher was the titan Pallas.
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