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Witches and Witchcraft

witches and witchcraft during the medieval ages

Chloe Yu

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Witches and Witchcraft

The Water Test
What were they blamed for?

Many women during the medieval times were unjustly accused of witchcraft based on
How it all Started...
Most of the hysteria about witches started from one book: The Malleus Maleficarum, or The Hammer of Witches.
The Hammer of Witches
The book, published in 1486, talks about the satanic aims of witches and witchcraft in detail. It also explains how to recognize and appropriately punish witches.
Witches were blamed for things that people couldn't explain, such as outbreaks of disease, poor harvests, and houses burning down. Even animals dying and food going bad could be blamed on witchcraft.
Who was accused?
80 percent of those accused of witchcraft were women. Unprotected women, such as those who were old, poor, single, or widowed , were usually the ones being accused of practicing witchcraft. Many also kept pets for company.
Accusations of witchcraft were often made by people who had great influence in society. They led to harsh tortures meant to force the accused to confess. Often, the accused would confess even when innocent just to end the torture.
Many witches were burned at the stake
What defined a witch?
Witches were once separated into those who practiced black magic and white magic, or harmful and helpful magic. But during the Medieval times, the distinction was lost and anyone who used herbs for healing purposes was said to be in league with the devil.
unreasonable evidence and harshly punished for things they didn't do.
NOW its... QUIZ TIME!aka. candy time. :)
What does "Malleus Malleficarum" mean?
The Hammer of Witches
Name two things that
witches in the medieval times were blamed for.
outbreaks of disease
poor harvests
houses burning down
animals dying
food going bad
Any two of the following...
What were black and white magic defined as?
Black magic was harmful and white magic was helpful
By whom were accusations against witches commonly made by?
People of great influence
in society
How were witches
often killed?
Many witches were burned
at the stake
By Chloe & Josephine
One victim of false accusations wrote,
Innocent have I come into prison, innocent must I die. For whoever comes into a witch-prison must

become a witch or be tortured till he invents something out of his head
The water test was commonly used to determine whether a suspect was actually a witch. The victim would be bound and then thrown in a body of water. If she floated, she was supposedly guilty and would be executed, but if she sank and drowned, she was innocent. Either way, she ended up dead. It was basically a way of torturing them for fun.
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