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Sleep Deprivation: Children and Digital Media

Final Activity for "A Crash Course on Creativity": Sleep Deprivation

Anjana Ruiz

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Sleep Deprivation: Children and Digital Media

Conclusion Once Upon a Time... Sleeping with an iPad ..... ... in a not so distant place there was a small family. Karen, a single mother and a professional nurse was playing with her nine years old son, Paul.
Karen was a very good mom. Karen was very proud of Paul, who was very well behaved. Every night... At Paul's bedtime, Karen followed the same routine with him: dinner, shower, reading a book with him and a good 9 to 10 hours of sleep. This was very good for Paul. After Christmas Holidays.... Karen continue with the bedtime routine but Paul asks for few more minutes after reading the book so he can play with the iPad. After less than two weeks, Paul tells his mom that he prefers to read the books by himself using the iPad and Karen let him do it. She could use the extra time to relax because she has been very busy at work. A Technological Christmas Gift At Christmas Karen gave an iPad Mini to her son. She thought that the tablet was a great tool for playing and specially for learning and reading electronic books. But Karen made a terrible mistake, she didn't establish iPad use rules. Creating Solutions Together... Karen asks her son to help her evaluate the solutions proposed by the experts and other parents. She also ask him to present his own ideas. They create seven cards, one for each day of the week, with the best solutions they found. These solutions will be part of the routine they will follow every night at bedtime. Looking for Help ... Karen worried about the bad behavior of her son, decides to consult people that she considers experts on this matter. She also asks other parent's opinions about how to solve the problem and she decides to talk to her son about his problem so they can find solutions together. She knows that involving him in the brainstorm will facilitate the implementation of the solutions they find. Opening the eyes to the Problem... Paul begins to use the iPad more and more during the day and at night (specially at bedtime). Paul starts to sleep on average 6 hours a day and begins to have problems in the School. Paul's mood starts to change and ceases to be friendly and polite.
Karen reacts punishing him saying she will take away the iPad if he doesn't go to sleep on time. Paul starts using the iPad in secret. Karen finds this out and realizes that her son has a really big problem.... Creating Solutions Together... The idea of the cards and the dynamic routine to be follow at bedtime allowed Karen and Paul to recover the 9 to 10 hours of sleep. The bad use of Digital Media can be a really big problem. Specially for Children.
Sleep deprivation is one of the effects of this bad use and it can cause other severe problems like emotional changes: stress and depression - even suicidal thinking, obesity, diabetes, school failure, drug abuse, etc.
So it is very important to open the eyes to the problem as soon as possible, ask experts, other parents and involve the children in the search and design of the solutions. Team Members: Mauricio Espinosa
Carlos Espinosa
Juani Ruiz
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