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11BTEC Glenthorne

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Clare O'Mara My first piece of research. Conventions of Thriller trailers. Focus group results. Questionnaire discovered about the audience reactions to Thriller trailers. The first piece of research I conducted was conventions of existing Thriller trailers. To do this, I watched a number of Thriller trailers and I looked for the features that these trailers shared. I discovered that most Thriller trailers have dramatic music and action scenes.This makes the trailer insteresting and eye catching to the audience. Vox Pop. The third piece of of research I conducted was a type of video which is called a,'Vox Pop'.To do this I put a camera on a tripod in the corner of the room. I then made clips of four pupils in my class. I then asked people questions such as,"Do you enjoy Thriller films". One by one of the four pupils will then answer the questions I asked them. After all four pupils had answered the questions, we then had to put all the clips together and edit this. This is then called a,'Vox Pop'. I discovered that some people do not enjoy Thriller trailers. But people do expect a number of things in Thriller trailers such as action scenes, dramatic music and main characters. Therefore when I create my Thriller trailer I need to include dramatic music,action scenes and main characters. Vox pop video link.(From: www.Yotube.com) What my questionnaire discovered about the audience expectations of a Thriller trailer. I have conducted research into the Thriller trailer genre. I have conducted into existing Thrillers, as well as research to help with my own Thriller trailers. I have uncovered many interesting and important things about Thrillers trailers that will influence my own product. From my questionnaire I discovered that the audience expect action scenes, main characters and fast paced music. Therefore when I create my Thriller trailer I need to include action scenes, fast paced music and main character. This is because it is what the audience expects to see in a Thriller trailer/film. I made a questionnaire using the computers on,' Word document'. I then made questions with tick lines underneath this was so the audience could tick from the answers which one applied to them.To discover from the audience what people think and feel about Thriller films and Thriller trailers. I showed a class of around 30 people a Thriller trailer called,'Minority Report'. A part of my questionnaire was audience reactions. This part is when the audience would say what they felt about the Thriller trailer,'Minority Report'. Some of the people enjoy the Thriller trailer and wanted to see the film whereas some people felt sad and felt the Thriller trailer did not appeal to them. We then made graphs on using,'Powerpoint'. These graphs was our results from you questionnaires. Here is one of the graphs I made using,'Powerpoint'. This graph was a result of how many males and females took part in my questionnaire. Here is the questionnaire I gave out so other people/the audience would answer the questions given to them in the questionnaire. This questionnaire was audience reactions of the Thriller trailer,'Minority report'. The audience would then tick on the line which would apply to them. For example if the audience member was a female they would tick on the line next to,'Female'. Thriller Trailer Questionnaire-Audience Reactions Thriller Trailer Questionnaire-Audience Expectations. My Focus group consisted of six questions for my target audience. The audience number was six people. The questions were about Thriller trailer and seeing if the audience enjoy and why. One of the questions was,"What setting do you like to see in Thrillers"? The audience member said,"I enjoy tense setting". This then shows that the audience enjoy tense setting/moments in a Thriller trailer. Therefore when I create my Thriller trailer I need to include tense setting/moments this is because it is what the audience enjoy to see in a Thriller trailer. Here is the Thriller Trailer Questionnaire Audience Expectations. This was the 1st part in my questionnaire about Thriller trailers. Here is Thriller Trailer Questionnaire Audience Reactions. This was the 2nd part in my questionnaire about Thriller trailers.
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